Our Team

1. Adi Wirawan

Founder, and editor-in-chief AnimeMangaPedia Blog. He doing all things for this blog start from writing blog post, designing the blog, conduct cooperation with other blogs, cooperation with other parties for the advertising purpose, promote the blog on social media until recruit the team.
The first anime he like is Doraemon and after that more like anime/manga after watch and read a few best anime/manga title such as  Ranma 1/2, YuYu Hakusho, Kung Fu Boy, Rurouni Kenshin, and Captain Tsubasa. The genre most he like: action, comedy, slice of life, and drama.

Favorite anime : Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin), 5 cm per second, all studio Ghibli production.
Favorite manga: Naruto, One Piece

2. Reyvateilia 

A normal college student who have led a normal school life, just recently knew about anime (it is around January 2011 and my first anime to be watched was Angel Beats, My childhood was good at that time) and until now, still watching anime everyweekend for my hobby. One of member in Kaori Nusantara (Komunitas Anime Otaku Rakyat Indonesia) , a community (forum) for anime otaku in Indonesia.
Now contributing in the forum as the link provider for anime and Novel Visuals in mediafire links. A huge fan of Haruka Shimotsuki, one of female singer in Japan, since 2006 ( she is the singer in Ar tonelico, a PS2 RPG Game, which revealing that I am  a RPG Gamer too in that time).
So for now, I will contributing some posts here, so wish me some luck.

3. Nindya Soraya Dharma

A lazy college student, spend almost 90% time browsing random things. Sleeping is another her life. A tea lover. Her favorite manga and anime is The World God Only Knows. Devoted to internet, cute girls, glasses boy, philosophical and social-issues (sometimes).

4. Knight Azura