2 Oct 2016

The Anthem of the Heart (2015) Review

The Anthem of the Heart or known as Beautiful Word, Beautiful World (Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterun Da.) which was released in 2015 tells story about Jun Naruse, a high school girl who has problem with communication because of bad experience in the past.

Actually, when Jun is a child, she is a cheerful and talkative girl until because of her talkativeness, her mother and father divorce, because Jun father's affair uncovered.
The problems that occurred plus the attitude of her parents who also blame Jun's talkativeness, make Jun blames himself and she rarely talk afther that and cannot express her feelings, even with her Mother.

Fortunately, when in high school, her teacher appointed him with 3 others of her classmate become committee to create a performing arts for their class. The meeting with the 3 classmate make Jun characters changed, slowly she can shout her feelings. Not just Jun who changed, but also her friends who actually also has problem to express their feelings to others with words.

This heartwarming film created by the staff who also created Ano Hana, also presents some warming song in the end of film which can make delivery of this film messages more intense to viewers.

The Anthem of the Heart not just suitable for high school students viewers but also adults viewers so they can get a nostalgic feels because everyone has experience for how harbored the feelings, and feel relieved when to be honest to shout out of all the feelings.

The Anthem of the Heart Exclusive Preview

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