16 Oct 2016

Second Promotional Video of Kuroko Basketball The Movie Last Game Revealed

The second promotional video for  Kuroko Basketball The Movie: Last Game was uploaded to its Youtbe channel on October 13, 2016 and also revealed on the official website for the film. The PV with duration 22 seconds show characters of Jabberwock team, they are Nash gold Jr and Jason Silver.

Kuroko Basketball The Movie: Last Game (Gekijōban Kuroko no Basuke Last Game) is adaptation of  Kuroko no Basuke Extra Game manga which is this movie is a sequel of Kuroko Basketball tv anime series. This film scheduled to release in spring 2017.

This film tell story about Vorpal Swords team which the member is 5 of Generation of Miracles or known as Kiseki no Sedai plus Kagami Taiga and Tetsuya Kuroko who plays against Jabberwock, an American street basketball team.

Besides this film, Kuroko no Basuke also get three compilation films, which is  Kuroko no Basuke Winter Cup Sōshū-hen: Kage to Hikari (Winter Cup Compilation ~Shadow and Light~), Winter Cup Sōshū-hen ~Namida no Saki e~ (Winter Cup Compilation ~Beyond the Tears~), and Winter Cup Sōshū-hen ~Tobira no Mukō~ (Winter Cup Compilation ~Crossing the Door~).

Gekijōban Kuroko no Basuke Last Game Second PV

Source: ANN 


edu birdie said...

Season one was SO GOOD. You always get so immersed in the anime and then it suddenly ends. And you want more. I can't wait to see the next one xD

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