20 Sept 2016

Slice of Life Anime from Summer 2016 Season You Should to Watch

Many summer anime that has reach the final season, and this summer season apparently is a paradise for slice of life genre fans.

There are three slice of life anime genre that I recommended for you to watch from summer season. You can count it Re Life, Orange, and Handa-kun.

1. Re Life Anime

If you are around 27 years old, and unemployed or jobless, this anime is suitable for you :lol , unlucky that is my condition when first time watch this anime, haha.
Re Life tell story about a 27 years old NEET(Not in Education, Employment, or Training), Kaizaki Arata. Actually he ever has permanent job after graduate but it is only survive for 3 months because he get some problem with his workplace. After quit from the job, he only get a part time job until he 27 years old.
At that time he get offering from Re Life agent, to become object experiment to back into high school student. The goal is to improve social skill and self confidence of Arata.
This is not time travelling, he only eat some pills which has effect make a person's appearance like a teenager.
Although this anime full of comedy, sometimes there are a serious life lessons that can get from Re Life story.

2. Orange Anime

Same like Re Life this anime tell story about a group of 26-27 years old, who send a letter to themself in the past 10 years, which when they are high school student. The letter is to prevent and save their friend, Kakeru Naruse who died because suicide.

Different from Re Life which has many comedy element on the story, Orange fill with drama, romance and tragedy event which make this story really sad and tragic.

This anime adapted from Ichigo Takano manga with same title, and also has get live action film in 2015.

3. Handa-kun Anime

If you ever watch Barakamon, you maybe familiar with name Handa Sei. Handa-kun anime is a prequel story from Barakamon. It's set six years before the event of Barakamon, which Handa Sei is a high school student.

In the time, Handa Sei character described as a boy who has negative thinking to the surrounding environment. He always thinking he is the most hated person in the school or think as victims of bullying, but otherwise his friend is really admired him, for the beginning because he is the young talented calligrapher, but after that because many misunderstanding that happened in the story, their friend really admired him as a kind, cool person and others positive image.

It is really funny and also feel exasperated to see the misunderstanding between Handa and his friend.


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