13 Aug 2016

2016 Berserk Anime Only Get 12 Episode ?

The anime news site , ANN reported on Friday that official website for the Kentarou Miura's 2016 anime adaptation Berserk listed two Blu Ray Disc box sets for the anime with total 12 episodes.

Still not confirmed, there is another more episode for berserk anime series 2016 or not.

The Blu ray disc will be available on October 28 (eps 1-6) and December 21 (eps 7-12). The boxsets also contain bonus item, which the first box sets will contain a script and storyboard booklet, a package drawn by character designer Hisashi Abe, and a soundtrack alternate takes CD, while the second still not confirmed for the bonus item.

The Berserk manga first published in 1989 and until now has 38 volume. The manga get anime series adaptation in 1997, get the trilogy anime movie in 2012-2013. The anime series get the sequel in 2016 and has aired 6 episode so far.

For the viewer outside japan, Berserk 2016 anime air on Crunchyroll and Aniplus TV.

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