10 Nov 2014

S.H.Figuarts Nobi Nobita Review

In the middle of this year, exactly on August 2014, Bandai has just reissued S.H.Figuarts Nobi Nobita, a character from Doraemon anime film. At this opportunity, I would give you my review for S.H.Figuarts Nobi Nobita, ok let's go to the review.

Comes with about 12 cm for the figure height, Nobi Nobita get an outer box that dominate with yellow color, just like the color of his shirt. When you lift the box, it's feel heavy, not like other SHFiguarts figure box.


A set of this figure include:
- Main figure
- Hand parts
- Additional face part x 4
- Take-copter
- Kuukihou (Air Cannon)
- Korobayashi
- Michibiki angel
- Esper hat
- Baseball Bat
- Baseball Glove
- Cushion (Pillow)
- Gun x 2
- Manga

This figure gets a lot of accessories, it's why when lift the box, it's feel heavy.



S.H.Figuarts Nobi Nobita joint articulation not as much as S.H.Figuarts from Kamen Rider series, but it's feel solid. I think you do not need to be worry if the joint articulation will loose.

Just like Robot Damashii doraemon, this figure also use some kind of magnet, to attach the take-copter on the head (look my video review for the detail).

You can freely use your own creativity to make a pose Nobita become more attractive with a suitable expression.

S.H.Figuarts Nobi Nobita Review on YouTube







Here is the comparison between S.H.Figuarts Nobi Nobita and Robot Damashii doraemon



Anonymous said...

bad photos, theyre out of focues, i hope you're not getting paid

Unknown said...

I will improve the quality of photo on the next review .
Thx for the criticism

tike mik said...

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