4 Nov 2014

CountDown Asia TV Show Will be Aired in ASEAN Countries

CountDown Asia (CDA), an upcoming TV Show that discussed about Anime, manga, cosplay, and music ranking will be aired in some ASEAN countries.
CDA tv show will be held every week and the music handled by Kubota Masahiko (BEAT CRUSADERS).

The first country which get this tv show is Indonesia, it will be aired in O Channel start on November 9, 2014 at 00:00 AM - 00:30 AM. Follow by Malaysia start on November 10,2014 at 11:45 - 00:15 AM in 8TV.
In the future, CDA scheduled will be aired in Tokyo and Singapore.

The official website of CDA, currently being held a contest to give name two mascot characters for the tv show. The chosen name, will get a special prize.



Source: Elex Media

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