25 Oct 2014

SHFiguarts Roborider Review

Welcome back to AnimeMangaPedia.com figure review, this time I will review SHFiguarts Roborider. Released in July 2014 , this figure is a long wait for Kamen Rider Black series fans. Comes with 14 cm tall, Roborider cost around 3,600-3,888 Yen on the market.

A set of SHFiguarts Roborider contain
  • Figure roborider
  • Three optional hand parts (1 left, 2 right)
  • Vortech Shooter.

Now, let's see more detail about coloring and joint articulation. Roborider antenna is flexible enough so that you do not have to worry about going broke the antenna. 

This figure has many articulation , starts from the abdomen, knee, ankle, foot, until arm. Talk about coloring I am not satisfied with the coloring . Look the belt and arm of roborider, I think the color is not really good.

Back to articulation this figure is fully articulated, even you can rotate the crotch up to 180 degrees, you can look it on my video review.

Be careful when you want to put Vortech Shooter to the hand, because if not, it will be like this, broken. I think the material of Vortech Shooter should be made as flexible as possible like the antenna. But I was lucky, the damage is easy to repair, only with glue paper, that part can be easily plugged back.

I think this figure is easier to stand, pretty good balance.

SHFiguarts Roborider

Overall, this figure is really worth for you to buy it, especially if you are Kamen Rider Black Series fans.

SHFiguarts Roborider Video Review

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