15 Oct 2014

Naruto Site Begin Final Countdown

Naruto Final Countdown

The official website for Naruto begin final countdown that end on November 10. As we know before, Naruto manga was announced to end on November 10, this is the same day as the countdown ends.
It's still unclear what happen next when the countdown ends, what information will be announced ?

The website also reveal the timeline of Naruto manga history in English and Japanese, which begin in 1999 when Naruto release for the first time. The website also reveal a special page about memorable quotes of Naruto characters complete with scene footage on the manga.

The upcoming project Naruto related which has been published is The Last Naruto the Movie that scheduled to air in Japan on December 6.

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"mitch gaul" said...

i sad to heard that!! naruto itsanime the best ever in my mind!! why you so to fast !! maybe the most continue in naruto the last movie