27 Jul 2014

Space Brothers #0 Movie Get Full Trailer

Space Brothers #0 Movie

The upcoming anime movie, Space Brothers #0 get full trailer after the official website for the film stream it, the video also uploaded to the its youTube channel and facebook fanspage.

The author of Space Brothers manga, Chūya Koyama also involve in this film to write the film script which this film will tell about the origin story of Nanba brothers dream.

Space Brothers #0 scheduled to release on August 9, 2014 in Japan theaters.

Here is the narration for the trailer, as quoted from ANN

Text: "In order to continue drawing this dream, I wrote the dream's starting point." -Original Author Chūya Koyama
Text: From the original scripts of original author Chūya Koyama
Text: A story 4 years before chapter 1
Butler: I will now introduce your new training instructors. Eddie Jay! And his younger brother, Brian Jay!
Hibito: The Jay brothers... the brothers are both astronauts huh?
Text: The younger brother rookie astronaut: Hibito
Text: The older brother who has forgotten his dream of going to space: Mutta
Mutta: I don't even come close when you compare Brian Jay and my younger brother, who are both equals.
Text: Theme song: Unicorn "Hayaguchi Curry"
Brian: Namba Hibito, where are you?
Hibito: Hey Brian, why did you choose me to be your backup?
Brian: Is it not fun?
Hibito: Well... it is fun.
Brian: Then I made the right choice.
Narrator: Leaving those words behind, he left...
Text: A sudden crash
Reporter: Three NASA astronauts were the victims in this accident.
Text: And so, my dream also crashed.
Mutta: What kind of power can my words have... Hibito...
Young Hibito: I've brought courage!
Text: The memory I've started to forget
Hibito: My older brother, he's an amazing person.
Text: Brothers, Family, Comrades
Narrator: When the memory of that far off day and the message Brian left behind are connected, with courage, they will launch once more.
Text: A "Farewell" and "Courage" story
Mutta: I'm going to do it as well, Hibito. I will show you, as your one and only older brother.
Narrator: Space Brothers #0
Text: This is the starting point. This is chapter 0.

Source: ANN

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