25 May 2014

Revoltech Woody No 010 Review

At the end of 2013, Kaiyodo re-release figure characters from Toy Story film, they are Woody and Buzz Lightyear. This time I just review Sheriff Woody, the favorite Andy's toy.

Comes with new design box, revoltech woody look more better than the old version. Not just with the box, revoltech woody No 010 get different accessories parts.

Woody has height about 150 mm, it's suitable if you want to pair it with 1/12 scale figure.
Use 17 joint, make this figure really good in articulation, not just that, woody also comes with good detail and painting.
If you look on the right shoes of woody you can see "Andy" written on the base of the shoes, that make this figure very good on the detail.

This set of figure cost 2850 Yen and you will get:

  • Main body
  • Optional face x 1
  • Optional hands x 4
  • Cowboy Hat x 1
  • Lenny Binoculars x 1
  • Microphone x 1
  • Nameplate x 1

Revoltech Woody No 010 Video Review

Revoltech Woody No 010 Video Review

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