18 Apr 2014

3DS Youkai Watch 2 Promotional Video Revealed

Youkai Watch 2

Level-5 has released the 79 seconds promotional video  and TV ads with duration 15 seconds for Youkai Watch 2.
A 3DS game which is a sequel from Youkai Watch that released last year, scheduled to release on July 10 for 3DS Japan for 4600 Yen.

Youkai Watch 2 will come with two different versions, Youkai Watch 2: Ganso (Founder), and Youkai Watch 2: Honke (Head).
The interesting is if you have save data for played Yo-kai Watch on your 3DS, you can get with special versions of ghosts Tsuchinoko and Koma-san.

Well finally, this series of game only will reach in Japan or it will be reach to US region? There is still no information about that.

Source: Gematsu, Nintendo Life

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