9 Apr 2014

New Trailer for 3DS & Wii U Super Smash Bros Reveal Greninja and Charizard

Newest trailer for fighting game Super Smash Bros has released via it's official YouTube channel.
The trailer with duration 148 seconds reveal new character from Pokemon, they are Greninja and Charizard. Previously, Pikachu and Lucario has been join Super Smash Bros character.

Super Smash Bros is a figthing game that gather characters from Nintendo franchises such as Pokemon, Mario, Legend of the Zelda, Mega Man and many more.
This game scheduled to release for 3DS in summer while the Wii U will release in Winter.

If Sony PSP has J-Stars Victory vs, then Nintendo has Super Smash Bros.

You can pre order Super Smash Bros for 3DS or Wii U on Amazon.


Source: My Nintendo News

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