23 Apr 2014

Hunter x Hunter Manga Come Back After Long Hiatus

Yoshihiro Togashi Hunter x Hunter manga will come back after more than 2 years hiatus. This news coming from Weekly Shonen Jump Viz Media official website. The continuation of Hunter x Hunter manga will be available on Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in June.
22nd/23rd issue of Weekly Shonen Jump will discuss more detail about the return of the manga.

The manga so far has reached until volume 32 which released in December 2012 in Japan while the first release of Hunter x Hunter manga is in 1998. This is the second time Togashi resume his manga, after in 2010 June he decide to hiatus and resume it in August 2011.

Hunter x Hunter has adapted into anime tv series adaptation in 1999 which the anime get the remake version in 2011. Not just TV Series, Hunter x Hunter also get OVA edition and movie version.

Source: ANN

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