1 Apr 2014

Google Maps Pokemon Challenge to become Pokemon Master

Google hold a challenge to anyone to become Pokemon Master. Through google maps, you should find many wild pokemon on the streets, mountain, forests, desert, even on an apartment. To make it, you should install newest version of Google Maps on your Android or iPhone and you can start the quest to catch all Pokemon.

So do you interested to accept the challenge and become Google Pokemon Master ?
Do not too happy because Google announce this announcement on March 31 and the challenge deadline is on 2 April 2014.
If you know what I mean, you will be laugh now.

Gotta Catch 'Em All  April Fools .


But not all is a joke, some of them that you see on the video is become reality. Just search Tokyo Tower on google maps via your andorid, you will surprise to see pikachu on the map.

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