3 Feb 2014

S.H.Figuarts Shadow Moon Review

Welcome back to AnimeMangaPedia Figure Review, this time I will review a figure character from my favorite tokusatsu tv series Kamen Rider Black, that is Shadow Moon.
Bandai has made this character into several figure line, like Legend Rider Series, Rider Hero Series, SHS, and SHFiguarts . This time I will review SHFiguarts Shadow Moon.

First Bandai release it in June 2011 and make reissue in October 2013. My review here is about the reissue version even though reissue should not have any different from the first release.

S.H.Figuarts Shadow Moon box is dominated with silver color just like color of Shadow Moon. The box look simple but still cool like the personality of Shadow Moon.

This figure has nice proportion of body shape, it's really look like in the tv show. Beside that, this figure also has excellent painting, look the silver color in his body, it's not look dull. 
From all parts of the body, I really like the eyes. The green color seems to shine and inside it there is some dots pattern like insect eye.
For the articulation you can watch the video below to get general overview how good articulation of S.H.Figuarts Shadow Moon.

This set of figure contain:
- Main body
- 4 additional hands
- Satan Saber
- Shadow Sabers

S.H.Figuarts Shadow Moon Video Review on YouTube

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