25 Jan 2014

Revoltech Yotsuba Renewal Box Review

This time I will review Yotsuba Koiwai figure character that adapted from Yotsuba manga by Kiyohiko Azuma. This figure is very popular even Kaiyodo release Yotsuba into a few version in revoltech line figure.

If I not wrong (please correct me if I wrong in the comment box), Kaiyodo has released figure Yotsuba third times in Revoltech line.
First is Revoltech Yotsuba regular edition in 2007 and 2010 (re-relase), after that in 2011 Revoltech Yotsuba DX Summer Vacation set is released and the last in 2013 Kaiyodo release Revoltech Yotsuba Renewal Box.

This time I not review all version of revoltech yotsuba but only the last version, the renewal box.

If you look the box, it's a little bit large (about 21 x 21 x 6.5 cm), typical of revoltech box nowadays.
For the accessories it's look like the regular edition with ice cream and water gun but this renewal box version you get extra accessories like bag and hat.

I like this figure and maybe other revoltech figure because you can easily change the accessories, replace the hand or face. 
With just about 2839 Yen you can get a set of Revoltech Yotsuba Renewal Box.

This set of figure contain:
- Main figure
- Two optional face
- Optional hand
- Bag
- Hat
- Ice Cream
- Water Gun
- Display stand base

Overall, Revoltech Yotsuba Renewal Box look like just a simple figure but if you are creative in making pose and use the suitable accessories , this figure will be look life

Revoltech Yotsuba Renewal Box Video Review on YouTube

Revoltech Yotsuba Renewal Box Photo 



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