30 Dec 2013

Kakumeiki Valvrave (2nd Season)

Good job Ichirou Okouchi (Sunrise). This series be “Anime of The Year” for me, filled with crazy thing, unpredictable stories, great devastating, till made you curious about unrevealed mysteries. Huge wishes for sequel from 1st season as "a new mecha" series from Sunrise paid here. "Sore wa Kakumeiki Valvrave, sekai o abaku sistemu"

Title : Kakumeiki Valvrave, Valvrave The Liberator
Type : TV Series
Status : Finished Airing (12 Episodes)
Aired : October to December 2013
Genre : Action, Mecha
Producers : Sunrise, Aniplex

If you already watched 1st season of this title, yeah that's really bored, not as expected, looks like 'special' school life following with superior weapon and cliffhanger ending. And then not long after 1st season end, news about 2nd season maybe makes some people feel "aahh.. boring series, and i won't going for its sequel", and i can't deny that. But as mecha fan, i will going for it with expectations and the results? I'm not disappointed, its REALLY F*CKIN AMAZING!! All things in 1st season instantly gone destroyed by Harakiri Blade :D

Most of mysteries from its prequel are solved here. So much inconceviable things, once more Sunrise successful make surprise, a wrath may be you feel. The existence of mysterious power which can categorized as "Supernatural" fight against advance of science and technologies research. Altough not a new idea but in Valvrave it served quite complicated. As usual, mecha series from Sunrise never misses from political conflict, storylife about dreams, friendship, romance also compiled with very good in this sequel (and it makes me quite crazy after watch it). Good job Ichiro Okouchi (Sunrise), despite in the end you maybe need 3rd season or minimal a movie for heal it all. (Story 9/10)

Animation and arts will make you amazed even tough the improvement not reach 100% spots. Fighting scene more epic and get more portions from before, the animations (in my pov) "more looks" 3D, and it's give "Yeah!! This is what i'm waiting for!!". One thing which make this series not smiliar with another Sunrise's mecha series like Gundam are nothing of evolution the mecha or major improvement. They're just added some new weapon and equipments, there new warfare units, and airing time of Unit-02 so short! /oops/ (Art & Animations 8.5/10)

Kakumei Dualism performed by T.M.Revolution x Nana Mizuki again trusted by Sunrise be opening, thats not bad decisions. Generally audio sides not so far from the prequel, maybe there a little bit improvement isn't realized by me, sorry hehe. However Sunrise successful make this series so awesome in last minutes, moments of insert song very proper with currently scene and it can break your feel! (Sound 8.5/10)

Another significant improvements do by Sunrise in characteristics! You'll be carried away the bitter sweet taste of life, and words like "What is this...." or "f*ck!" will thrown. (Characteristics 9/10)

Yap finally, not just answer most of mysteries from its prequel, overall this series far away from hopes lol. Unpredictable storylines, Okouchi decisions to develop the stories and characters are satisfying, existences of much mysterious things came back at the end of series haha. Okay, so how much? 666/666 !! Oh no, i mean 8.5/10

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