28 Oct 2013

Tamashii Nations Exclusive Events Scheduled to Held in Indonesia Next Year

A few days ago I just ask when Bandai will made SHFiguarts Robo and Bio Rider from Kamen Rider Black in a blog post. Apparently SHFiguarts Robo and Bio Rider will become reality because today, a largest SHFiguarts fans group from Indonesia, S.H.Figuarts Indonesia just made a polling to give Bandai reference, what figure to become Tamashii Nations exclusive items that scheduled to held next year in Indonesia. One of the four choice available is SHFiguarts Robo and Bio Rider.

But if you Kamen Rider Black fans cannot feel happy right now, because SHFiguarts Robo and Bio Rider must compete with three other choice, they are SHFiguarts Bima Satria Garuda, SHFiguarts Google V, and Ultra Act Megaloman. As I said before, this polling just give reference and oppinion , the winner is not mentioned automatically will become Tamashii Nations exclusive item, if referring to the SHFiguarts Indonesia group polling.

If you want to participate and give reference you can join the polling here  .

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