27 Sept 2013

Fall 2013 Anime Season

Next month fall 2013 anime season will be release, many anime on fall season that I predict will have many audience such as Pokemon X&Y, Kuroko's Basketball second season, and Gundam Build Fighters.
But my most anticipated anime of fall 2013 is Coppelion, Ace of Diamond, and Log Horizon.
So how about you? What your most anticipated anime of fall 2013?

To looking more about fall 2013 anime season list you can see the chart created by Neregate.

Fall 2013 Anime Chart by Neregate (compressed by me)

For better image quality you can download here (Source: Neregate.com)

Here is some of Promotional Video for Fall 2013 Anime Season:

Coppelion PV 

Ace of Diamond  PV

Strike the Blood PV

Gundam Build Fighters PV

Log Horizon PV

Pokemon X&Y PV

Kuroko's Basketball Anime Second Season PV

Golden Time PV

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24 Sept 2013

Kuroko's Basketball Miraculous Victory 3DS Get First PV

Namco Bandai reveal first promotional video of Kuroko's Basketball Miraculous Victory, a 3DS game that adapted from Kuroko's Basketball anime.
The game reveal Kuroko's Basketball character in 3D super deformed style. This 3DS game scheduled to release this winter.

While you wait the game to released, you can watch the continuation of Kuroko's Basketball anime first season because the second season will be released this October.

Source: ANN, Siliconera
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21 Sept 2013

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Trailer

During Tokyo Game Show 2013, Square Enix show trailer for the newest Final Fantasy games for 3DS, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call with duration 98 seconds.
This musical Nintendo 3DS game is sequel of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and reveal around 200+ tracks, 60 + characters and a new versus battle mode. The game is scheduled to released on Spring 2014 in Japan.

Source: MyNintendoNews
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19 Sept 2013

One Piece Romance Dawn 3DS Will Come to North America

Namco Bandai Games at Tokyo Game Show 2013 announced, One Piece Romance Dawn 3DS will be released in North America this holiday season.
This RPG game based on One Piece manga story from the beginning until Marineford Arc and cover until nearly 600 chapters of One Piece manga.

It's still not confirmed, is One Piece Romance Dawn 3DS available for retail release or just digital version release.

This game has feature to increase characters stat, accessory customization and go to shop.

Source: Siliconera, ANN
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7 Sept 2013

Psycho Pass Second Season Get PV and Film Announcement

The action psychological anime Psycho Pass, get the Promotional Video for it's second season tv anime series. Surprisingly, the PV is not just for the newest tv series, but also for the Psycho Pass Movie. At the end of PV, announce the new tv series and film will be completely new works and state that "SIByL still continues..".
The announcement of the second season has announced by Production I.G President & CEO Mitsuhisa Ishikawa in July at Anime Expo.

Source: ANN
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