5 Jul 2013

Pokemon X and Y 3DS Game Third PV and Anime Series Announced

As we know the newest 3ds game of pokemon is Pokemon X and Y that will available on October 12 in worldwide. A few days ago, TV Tokyo announced the tv anime series for Pokemon X Y will air on October 17 in Japan, this will become the fifth title pokemon anime series since the first pokemon series premiered in 1997 in Japan.
The main character for this series is still Ash / Ace accompany with Pikachu to adventure in the Kalos region. This pokemon series will feature Keromatsu (Froakie), Harimaron (Chespin), and Fokko (Fennekin).
They are also will be feature on the 3ds game to accompany you in the game.

Pokemon company began streaming the third promotional video for the Pokemon X Y 3ds game with duration 3 minutes that feature about guide to choose character, assemble four companion and show new feature on Pokemon game like horde encounters, sky battles, and the new Fairy type.

You can pre order 3DS Pokemon X Y on play-asia or amazon

Source: ANN, Siliconera

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