16 Jul 2013

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

Jump in my wishlist at last season (Spring 2013), an anime series adapted from video game. Finally when start airing, in early episodes make me happy, pretty entertain and keen to watch it. As times go away slowly but surely, I just like sit in sofa and watch a “woah” show for children, until this series going completed I just move from it without expressions.

Title : Devil Survivor 2 The Animation
Type : TV Series
Status : Finished Airing (13 episodes)
Aired : April to June 2013
Genre : Demons, Action, Supernatural
Producer / Studio : Bridge

Mysterious invaders suddenly attack on earth (but in the story just in Japan) and will destroy it in seven days, called Septentriones. They are like Devil and their appear are temptation for human beings. Then, who can stop them are human itself, people who choosed as Devil Summoner!

A senior high school student, Hibiki Kuze registered by his best friend Daichi Shijima to a “Troll” web/app about “Your Friends Death Scene” created by Nicaea. Everyone knows that service is just a jokes which actually it will be Key from secrets of world destructions. Are they who became “Summoner” can prenvent Septentriones in seven days??

At first glance with the story fairly interesting because mysteries about “Death Video Applications”. But no more than it, after the disaster that occurred in all of characters turns into ‘mainstream’ even there are many oddities. Highest capability among another summoners which suddenly owned by Hibiki isn’t special, same thing as the main character in other anime series. Strangely is that destruction of Japan caused by Septentriones attack. Civilians become desperate and either it disappear suddenly, along with the human itself (the Summoners) who should defeat the Septentriones using Devil to survive.

Although presented with various types and strengths of different Septentriones, fight happened, emerged stronger Septentrion came also stronger force to fight it. Everything feels flat till the end, it's impression in my mind. If you look at the core of the story, I remembered back to anime series at the millennium eras, Neon Genesis Evangelion. (Story 6/10)

First appeared of Teaser and the cover made ​​me interested and curious about this series, and in fact it isn’t too disappointing. The environments may seem gloomy feels like Resident Evil, his character art also isn’t too bad, but that did not conform to expectations is the action animation. Slash and finish! What a treat that can be enjoyed from the demon action genre? Yes, probably because it’s limited by number of episodes and deadlines of the story itself. (Art & Animation 7/10)

Can not say much for this side. Most of its Seiyuu quite a lot of experienced, audio effects not disappointing but also not impressing, its OP song "TakeYour Way" by Livetune lack outfit but its ED "Be" by Song Riders suite with its own theme of this anime imo. (Sound 7/10)

Again, flat. Almost the same with the story, the characters development was dead. Hibiki who early recognized as a smart boy and had a critical mind against Yamato's stubborn and resolute stance, we as audience presented the debate as between two opposing characters in the middle of mess the world. There is no effect and the major changes that occurred, disappointing. (Characters 6/10)

Had occurred to my mind "Why did I take my time to watch this until the end?" Yes, disappointing. Almost no aspect that can be poisitif points for this series. Cliche, the characters are bland, many scenes were overdramatic cause plot development itself. This anime will not be boring if it is intended or watched by children. (Overall 6.5/10)


Animature said...

Did you use google translate?

Knight Azura said...

@AnimaTure : Not at all. Because actually English isn't my primary language. Sorry if its so bad, i'll try to be better.