2 Jun 2013

SHFiguarts Space Sheriff Gavan Review

SHFiguarts Space Sheriff Gavan finally released on April 2013 and I get this legendary tokusatsu figure on the late May 2013.
As we know this figure is worth 4200 Yen, but when arrived to my country and sell by the local seller the price is very far from that price :D. 
The accessories for SHFiguarts Space Sheriff Gavan consist of two sword (one have effect), part hand, and optional head with dark eyes. The box little look like regular SHF I think.

One thing make me amazed is the shining body that make this figure really look like metal even though it's SHF not SHS.
When I want to replace the hand, it's very difficult because my finger often slip maybe because the effect of the paint.
I am sorry for the incomplete photo review because I want to make this figure still in perfect condition :D

He can split like this.

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