29 Jun 2013

Kakumeiki Valvrave Review

Spring has over and it means my top waiting list in this season along with most of the other anime, the latest of Sunrise mecha series which completely different from what we know so far, Gundam. Mysterious weapon that eliminates the human beings for it's pilot, the Valvrave.

Title : Kakumeiki Valvrave / Valvrave The Liberator (English)
Type  : TV Series
Status : Finished Airing (12 episodes)
Aired : April to June 2013
Genre : Mecha, Action, Supernatural, School
Producer / Stuido : Sunrise, Aniplex

Told in T.C (True Calendar) 71, a new age where 70% of humanity have lived in space due to the successful development of "Dyson Space", a city in space. But beyond that success, there are so many secrets around it and concern is war in the difference of the two major power.
The first, power that focuses on growth of the military sides, The Military Pact Dorssia Federation. And another one focuses on expanded its trade agreement. Between the two great powers, there is a small nation that reveals itself in a neutral position, maintans its peace through economy prosperity, he is JIOR.
Within the JIOR's Sphere called "Module 77", there are high school with an ordinary life of students till everything changes when Dorssia attacking / holding that module to invasion. When invasion proficiency level, comes advanced weapons mankind, the Valvrave!

As a fan of mecha series, "Oh hellyeah" my first impression when hear that news about Sunrise working on a new addition to the Gundam series, it instantly made me curious. Then another impressioin when view at the cover and trailer, I was expecting from this and hopefully can entertain me as a fans of mecha anime. Not excessive perhaps, because if you look at all actions in the trailers something "Amazing Blazing Light" make it looks promising, but we can't compare it with Gundam.
Finally a "Satisfied Smile" two days ago was answer my curiousity. The number of episodes like other seasonal anime  was too fast and I personally feels less for anime with mecha genre. First hope for in terms of politics and yea, valvrave really presents a little different theme of storyline but also not a new though. School of life, conflict in friendship, romance, ultimately a 'lightweight' politics and a surprisingly supernatural power like an Immortal Power of Vampire. High school students be pilot isn't special thing and studio who handled this series Sunrise, his fans certainly familiar with the plot, as well as the existence of a superior character, making the story not so special, but as an entertainer is more than enough. (Story, 7/10)

Different from what is seen with the story. "What the ..." mecha models and technologies that shows completely different compared with the existing mecha (even other mecha that not made by Sunrise). Supported by the more modern imaging technology makes animated series received a very good point, although not as good as the action portion of the animation. (Art & Animation 9/10)

Mecha, a genre that almost all the sides need touch, so audio sides also will determine how good of that. Sunrise really not ignore it, you are ready to watch it? Wear a headphones or 5.1 speakers hehe. The sound effects is really good and packed well with experienced seiyuu. And also a row of well-known singer who has been expert to fill anime soundtrack selected by Sunrise, T.M.Revolution x Nana Mizuki (OP) with Preserved Roses, angela with Boku Janai and ELISA with Soba ni Iru Yo (ED). So the result? Not disappoint. (Sound 8/10)

Unfortunately in addition to the story, sides of character looks usual, which may be due to a variety genres packed into one and its make character development is not overly boosted. All is going normal. (Characteristics 7/10)

Overall, if you are a fan of mecha, this series is worth watching and entertaining, but if you are a fan of the mecha action needed something that exploded / boost, blaze, boom, also strong in storyline, this Valvrave probably not what you expecting and quite make filling your time. However Sunrise managed to pack everything well, a combination of war, school life, tragic romance, supernatural, there are even some things that can be said to be crazy thing. Country led by high school student and its protected by advanced weapon in the world, I think it's just a show. (Overall 7.75/10)

If the rumors are real, let's see in next season at fall this year~

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