29 Jun 2013

Kakumeiki Valvrave Review

Spring has over and it means my top waiting list in this season along with most of the other anime, the latest of Sunrise mecha series which completely different from what we know so far, Gundam. Mysterious weapon that eliminates the human beings for it's pilot, the Valvrave.

Title : Kakumeiki Valvrave / Valvrave The Liberator (English)
Type  : TV Series
Status : Finished Airing (12 episodes)
Aired : April to June 2013
Genre : Mecha, Action, Supernatural, School
Producer / Stuido : Sunrise, Aniplex

Told in T.C (True Calendar) 71, a new age where 70% of humanity have lived in space due to the successful development of "Dyson Space", a city in space. But beyond that success, there are so many secrets around it and concern is war in the difference of the two major power.
The first, power that focuses on growth of the military sides, The Military Pact Dorssia Federation. And another one focuses on expanded its trade agreement. Between the two great powers, there is a small nation that reveals itself in a neutral position, maintans its peace through economy prosperity, he is JIOR.
Within the JIOR's Sphere called "Module 77", there are high school with an ordinary life of students till everything changes when Dorssia attacking / holding that module to invasion. When invasion proficiency level, comes advanced weapons mankind, the Valvrave!

As a fan of mecha series, "Oh hellyeah" my first impression when hear that news about Sunrise working on a new addition to the Gundam series, it instantly made me curious. Then another impressioin when view at the cover and trailer, I was expecting from this and hopefully can entertain me as a fans of mecha anime. Not excessive perhaps, because if you look at all actions in the trailers something "Amazing Blazing Light" make it looks promising, but we can't compare it with Gundam.
Finally a "Satisfied Smile" two days ago was answer my curiousity. The number of episodes like other seasonal anime  was too fast and I personally feels less for anime with mecha genre. First hope for in terms of politics and yea, valvrave really presents a little different theme of storyline but also not a new though. School of life, conflict in friendship, romance, ultimately a 'lightweight' politics and a surprisingly supernatural power like an Immortal Power of Vampire. High school students be pilot isn't special thing and studio who handled this series Sunrise, his fans certainly familiar with the plot, as well as the existence of a superior character, making the story not so special, but as an entertainer is more than enough. (Story, 7/10)

Different from what is seen with the story. "What the ..." mecha models and technologies that shows completely different compared with the existing mecha (even other mecha that not made by Sunrise). Supported by the more modern imaging technology makes animated series received a very good point, although not as good as the action portion of the animation. (Art & Animation 9/10)

Mecha, a genre that almost all the sides need touch, so audio sides also will determine how good of that. Sunrise really not ignore it, you are ready to watch it? Wear a headphones or 5.1 speakers hehe. The sound effects is really good and packed well with experienced seiyuu. And also a row of well-known singer who has been expert to fill anime soundtrack selected by Sunrise, T.M.Revolution x Nana Mizuki (OP) with Preserved Roses, angela with Boku Janai and ELISA with Soba ni Iru Yo (ED). So the result? Not disappoint. (Sound 8/10)

Unfortunately in addition to the story, sides of character looks usual, which may be due to a variety genres packed into one and its make character development is not overly boosted. All is going normal. (Characteristics 7/10)

Overall, if you are a fan of mecha, this series is worth watching and entertaining, but if you are a fan of the mecha action needed something that exploded / boost, blaze, boom, also strong in storyline, this Valvrave probably not what you expecting and quite make filling your time. However Sunrise managed to pack everything well, a combination of war, school life, tragic romance, supernatural, there are even some things that can be said to be crazy thing. Country led by high school student and its protected by advanced weapon in the world, I think it's just a show. (Overall 7.75/10)

If the rumors are real, let's see in next season at fall this year~
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25 Jun 2013

The Wind Rises Get the First Teaser

The Wind Rises, the upcoming film of Ghibli Studio that directed by Hayao Miyazaki get the first teaser. The film is based on the novel by Tatsuo Hori and manga by Hayao Miyazaki titled Kaze Tachinu. The story is inspired by the life of Jiro Horikoshi, the designer of Japan's famed Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter plane of World War II.

The theme song for this film "HikĊki Gumo" (Airplane Cloud) will performed by Yumi Matsutoya, a singer and songwriter that composed this song when she was 16 years old.
The Wind Rises scheduled premiere in Japan on July 20.

Source: ANN
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20 Jun 2013

GSC Scale Figure Photo Contest 2013 Summer

If you have hobby with photography and you are a figure collector especially scale figure from Good Smile Company, don't miss Good Smile Company Scale Figure Photo Contest 2013 Summer.
Do not have a digital camera? do not worry because you can take a picture with your phone camera.

Every contest should have the prize, for this contest the grand prize is 10 scale figure of your choice and your photo will be featured on the official Good Smile Company website for 24 hours. What a great prize!!!
There are still lots of categories to win such as "Jury Prize", "Voters Choice", and "Voters Prize".
Not just you can participate as a contestant to submit your photo, but you can also win Voter Prize category when you vote your favorite photo.


Grand Prize (1): (Judges Decision)
・ Ten scale figures of your choice.
・ Photo featured on the official GSC website for 24 hours.

Jury Prize (a few): (Judges Decision)
・ Two scale figures of your choice.
・ Photos featured on the photo contest website.

Voters’ Choice (2): (Voter’s Decision)
・ Two scale figures of your choice.
・ Photos featured on the photo contest website.

Voters’ Prize (5): (Winners Randomly Selected)
・ One scale figure of your choice.

GSC Scale Figure Photo Contest 2013 Summer Schedule

Submission Deadline : 7th July (Sun)
Entry Selection : 21st June (Fri)/5th July(Fri)/12th July (Fri)
(Photos that pass this selection will be put up on the website for voting)
User Voting Deadline : 17th July (Wed)
Final Entry Selection : 28th July (Sun) (Afternoon)
Winners Announcement : 28th July (Sun) (Night)

So how I can participate to this contest and how about the rules ?

How to Enter

  • Entries will only be accepted via the entry form on the photo contest website.
  • Multiple entries are permitted, however only one (1) prize will be awarded per person.
  • Photos must be less than 5MB in size.

  • The photo must include at least one (1) scale figure sold or distributed by Good Smile Company before July 7, 2013. Please check the website listing for product eligibility.
  • The photo must not currently be a part of any other photo contests, and may not be a photo that has won a prize in the past.
  • You need to take a second photo with your nickname on a piece of paper or card with the same scale figure to verify your work.
  • You must obtain the permission of all person(s) that is/are in the photo prior to entry.
  • If minor(s) is/are in the photo, you must obtain the permission from her/his/their guardian(s).
  • You must not violate any copyright or invade the privacy of other individuals.
  • If you violate any of these rules, we reserve the right to withdraw your entry at any time.
  • If entries have previously been publicly uploaded online and judges determine it is difficult to verify that the entrant is the original author, your entry may be withdrawn from the contest.
  • If you believe one of the entries on our site violates the photo contest rules, please let us know at the following address: photocon2013summer@goodsmile.jp
  • This photo contest is based in Japan, and it follows Japanese laws. Please note that in the event of misunderstanding, the original Japanese rules are final. (https://event.goodsmile.info/photocon2013summer/)
  • The winners will only be able to select scale figure prizes that are allowed to be sold in their country of residence.

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14 Jun 2013

S.H.Figuarts Sailor Mercury Preview

Sailor Mercury or known as Ami Mizuno in the film, become the second member of sailor moon that come to S.H.Figuarts line. The figure with height approx.14 cm will be released on October 2013 and you can own it with 4410 Yen Japan.

Figure set of S.H.Figuarts Sailor Mercury :
-Figure Sailor Mercury
-3 exchangeable face parts
-Exchangeable hand parts (4 for right, 5 for left)
-Front hair parts with HMD goggle
-Pocket computer (2 types)

After the moon and mercury who will be the third sailor that come to SHF line? You can get the next update information on the tamashi jp sailor moon special page.

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9 Jun 2013

AFA 2013 Announced

Anime Festival Asia 2013, one of the biggest anime conventions at South East Asia for this year announce the date and venue. Like last year, AFA 2013 will be held in 3 countries, Indonesia , Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Indonesia at 6,7,8 September 2013 in Jakarta Convention Centre
  • Singapore at 8,9,10 November 2013 in Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Malaysia  to be announced.
I hope AFA ID 2013 will be better than AFA ID 2012, which the venue feel too small compare with the visitor and the ticket sales that very tiring. 
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8 Jun 2013

Kaiyodo Capsule Q Character Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Kaiyodo a japanese company that popular to make figure of anime character, make scary scenes from Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) anime into a figurine sets. Kaiyodo release it to their Capsule Q Character line.
If you never watch the anime maybe you will feel creepy to see the figure especially the scene when the titan eat human. The set of Kaiyodo Capsule Q Character Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) consist of 4 scene/figure.

Source: ANN

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2 Jun 2013

SHFiguarts Space Sheriff Gavan Review

SHFiguarts Space Sheriff Gavan finally released on April 2013 and I get this legendary tokusatsu figure on the late May 2013.
As we know this figure is worth 4200 Yen, but when arrived to my country and sell by the local seller the price is very far from that price :D. 
The accessories for SHFiguarts Space Sheriff Gavan consist of two sword (one have effect), part hand, and optional head with dark eyes. The box little look like regular SHF I think.

One thing make me amazed is the shining body that make this figure really look like metal even though it's SHF not SHS.
When I want to replace the hand, it's very difficult because my finger often slip maybe because the effect of the paint.
I am sorry for the incomplete photo review because I want to make this figure still in perfect condition :D

He can split like this.

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