23 May 2013

Tamako Market Review

There so much anime themed slice of life out there and take on a different story lines about life or the same. But, just ordinary story was quite describe what it is Tamako Market.

Title : Tamako Market
Status : Finished Airing (12 Episodes)
Aired : Jan to March 2013
Genre : Comedy, Slice of Life
Producers / Studio : Kyoto Animation

Tells the story of a princess Mochi sellers in the shopping district, Kitashirakawa Tamako. Innocent and cheerful girl who just wants to know all things and create something new about mochi. She is very passionate about helping his family's mochi store to compete with mochi shop owned by his good boy friend, Mochizou. Helped by two her best friends, Midori and Kanna that their parents are also running business in the same district, Tamako is determined to make the best things in her life.

One day she accidentally met with a strange bird that can talk to a human. The bird was ordered from a mysterious far country to seek a bride for the king, and then Tamako decided to maintain him. Day after day passed, many things happened, good or bad things, and till that time come for the bird to find out who the girl is fit for king's bride, Tamako be one of them. Then how Tamako respond to it and also certainly Mochizou precedents that keep his feelings to Tamako?

With a genre that was interesting, this anime does not offer a more powerful on story, but rather than  comedy and cuteness / moe of the characters itself. Main of the story will appear on the last few episodes, even so there are a few lessons about life that we can take from this anime. (Story / 6.5)

Fluffy, moe, imouto and all things like that you'll find here!! If you really a fan of slice of life with main treat like that, you probably also remember K-ON!. Yes this anime has a value on things that matter. But if you are a fan of action or horror genres, will probably provide less value in this anime. (Artwork-Animations / 8.5)

Opening and Ending this anime made ​​according to the theme, its voice actors also average people who are not experienced in their field but quite entertaining and dynamic the results is quite impressed. Normal value is suitable for this anime in terms of sound. (Sound / 7)

Moe? The artwork will dead if its not fill with fit characteristics. This anime truly successful series with brings of fanservice moe things, 3 main characters (girl) in this series - really has characteristics that it is impossible to get in the real world. We assess this based on what is more highlighted by this anime, so maybe I did not connect the story with his characteristic values​​. (Characteristics / 8)

As entertainment, this anime is more than enough if you just really want to release bored. Especially if you are a fan of moe things, then this anime is highly recommended. There is nothing special and is actually a bit disappointing because the genre in recent anime like this actually has a very good potential if the emphasis on the point of the story, not the fanservice. (Overall / 7.5)
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19 May 2013

Pure Gold Model Sagittarius Cloth Worth US$ 600,000 - Saint Cloth Myth 10th anniversary

pure gold sagittarius cloth

To celebrate the Saint Cloth Myth figure series' 10th anniversary, Bandai show pure gold model Sagittarius Cloth figure. This figure is made from pure gold with weights about 2 kg, 16 cm high and estimated worth US$ 600,000.
You cannot buy this figure because it is not for sale.

At the same time, Bandai also announced six figure from Saint Cloth Myth 10th Anniversary to release on the market from September 2013 until February 2014 (each figure to release on one different month).

Saint Cloth Myth figure 10th anniversary

Here is the schedule for the release of Saint Cloth Myth 10th Anniversary:
  •  Saint Cloth Myth Pegasus Seiya God Cloth 10th Anniversary Edition scheduled to release in late September 2013 with price 7,875 yen .
  • Saint Cloth Myth Dragon Shiryu God Cloth 10th Anniversary Edition scheduled to release in October 2013  with price 7,875 yen .
  • Saint Cloth Myth Cygnus Hyoga God Cloth 10th Anniversary Edition scheduled to release in November 2013  with price 7,875 yen .
  • Saint Cloth Myth Goddess Athena 10th Anniversary Edition scheduled to release in December 2013 with 10,500 yen 
  • Saint Cloth Myth Andromeda Shun God Cloth 10th Anniversary Edition scheduled to release in January 2014  with price 7,875 yen .
  • Saint Cloth Myth Phoenix Ikki God Cloth 10th Anniversary Edition scheduled to release in February 2014 with price 7,875 yen .
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Source: Mantan Web via ANN , tamashii jp

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