22 Mar 2013


Before entering the fall season last year, this anime going on top in my waiting list. Why? With great visualization and quite different, its action on PV, also an article says that each side of the anime is made by 'the best' are several reasons. Then how did it go? I think slightly disappointing. Yet each person has a different point of view.

Type : TV Series
Status : Finished Airing (13 episodes)
Aired : Oct - Dec 2012
Genre : Action, Supernatural
Producers : GoHands

Summary of the story is quite interesting and different background than existing. Beginning of the story is told from a child of unknown origin living in the middle battle of the Seven Kings were also for unknown reason. Isana Yashiro, life as a student of High School Ashinaka suddenly regarded as a Killer by member King of the Red Colour just because a video. Then short story, his life was not quiet because chased by all members of Red Colour and he was rescued by Neko, being look as a ladies and Yatogami Kuroh, a member of 'Colourless King'. His cases cause conflict with King of Blue Colour (the government) until it is known what the true identity of Isana Yashiro.

Hope this anime scene filled with 'full action' as it is supported by its amazing visual effects make people who watching this would be amazed to see it. But the reality is very unfortunate, like a beautiful fruit skin but the content is not as good as the skin. Its action scenes are very poor, even of its scenes look forced directly to at the end of 'fighting' though some scenes are fairly detailed. In terms of its visual character, look there element of fanservices from its character that made with a super cool design. (Animation / 7.0)

Even so, the story in this anime is so powerful to make audiences curious because since the early, too many mysterious things and as time running its stories was revealed. The continuation of the story in each episodes unpredictable makes this anime get points on this section. (Story / 9.0)

From characteristics side, personality of characters in this series doesn't look so prominent, not consistent and seems ordinary. Perhaps because of its visual is intended for fanservices. (Characteristic / 6.0)

Articles that say about this anime are made by 'the best people' in their field isn't just a rumor. Images drawing, visual effects until his voice was really great. Theme song of the series is also suitable, don't say much about this. (Sound / 9.0)

If only its mystery stories supported by the 'power' as good, this anime might be the best in fall season of last year. However, for you who loved the anime with stories, pictures and a awesome visual effects without or don't consider about action scene at all, this series worth to be watched. (Overall / 7.75)

A little news, there sequel announced for this series. Let's see later

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