22 Mar 2013

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince 2 Minutes PV Streamed today

Pretty soon anime winter will 'fall' in a few weeks and anime invasion on large amounts will 'spring' after that. After seeing the anime chart that will appear in this spring, to be sure you have a list of what anime are you guys going on to watch, right? As well as to me. There are some series that makes me very interested and one of them is this mecha genre series. Today its PV impressions for 2 minutes and look from it, this series looks promising in my view and exactly hope not make disappointed.

Then summary of the story of this anime is that the human beings has expanded its frontier into space in search of resources. Advances in study of genetic engineer allow humans to adapt with the new frontier and the rise of 'special' humans who have evolved their genetics, like protagonist, Izuru. He signed up at the academy called Gurantseere with a mission to protect humanity form a mysterious invasion known as Urugaru with Mecha.

Viewed from PV, for people with no knowledge of mecha anime might look this similar to a series that is already very famous in the world, GUNDAM. But with the casts of young in this anime might make the story is quite different, where the core of the story GUNDAM most powerful in politics. But in the anime PV is seen that this series not very strong in that and I think still on 'shounen' category. What do you think? Or we'll see after airing later. The most I waited series this spring is a new original series of mecha from Sunrise, Kakumeiki Valvrave.

Source : ANN

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