12 Mar 2013

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai

Recently, most anime providing about fanservice, moe, comedy by inserts ecchi or anything that’s not focused on the power of stories. It makes much people not too interested to follows anime in each season, but it’s not at all. Even so, there some anime that conveys the story in a different way, so it’s still interesting to watch.

Title : Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai
Status : Finished Airing (12 episodes)
Aired : Oct - Dec 2012
Genre : Comedy, Romance, School, Drama
Producers : Kyoto Animation

This series focused on Romance with something surprisingly. Some fact in real life that is not known by many people appointed in this anime. Is it “Chuunibyou”. In Japanese, Chuunibyou is Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome, which people have that act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones or believe they have a special powers unlike others. In short, this series tells about a boy (Yuuta Togashi) who want to stop ‘Chuunibyou’ in his life when grade to Senior High School. But when he begin to do it, he meet with a girl (Rikka Takanashi) who was suffering Chuunibyou and it makes a lot of trouble for him to throw that syndrome. As time goes Rikka becomes more attached to Yuuta, who despite finding her delusions irritationg and embarassing, accepts her. And then Yuuta want ‘help’ her when he joins on Rikka’s summer vacation. Yuuta want help Rikka for quit from her delusions about search ‘Ethereal Horizon’ which she believes will lead her to her father. Death of her father made him fall into these delusions and finally when Yuuta agrees to help Rikka, they becomes romantically interested. (Story / 8.0)
Kyoto animation make this ‘school of life’ background looks good and a consistent aesthetic each character’s personality can be read from his or her appearance, their body languague act as people who have supernatural powers. There another surprise from animation in this series, is animation! ‘Action scene’ illusions as well as when Rikka release her Jaoshingan!! That’s remember me with Black Rock Shooter which have different scene about real life and action scene, even that scene in this series looks very well if compared with other ‘real action’ series. (Animation / 9.0)
Different voices in different personality heard very well played by Rikka and Yuuta seiyuu. Be advised they're seiyuu of those who experienced but it depends on you how much you like their's voices. But in my opinion all of chara sounds in this series are well played so does the sound effect. (Sound / 8.5)
Personality of who have Chuunibyou is so fun, innocent, and overconfident! Altough never see people with this syndrome in real life but characteristic showing in this series about it enough powerful, responses other people from environment also good for Rikka's attitude everyday. (Characteristic / 8.5)
Romance comedy combined with moe oriented and some fanservice in anime nowadays has become common thing.  But by lifting a few facts about life makes me interested in watching this series because not only presenting 'moe or fanservice thing' but audience also got new knowledge that is rarely known. And in my opinion if you hope slice of life in this series, Drama perhaps more appropriate provided in Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai (Overall / 8.0)

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