10 Feb 2013

5th S.H.Figuarts Anniversary

To celebrate 5th S.H.Figuarts Anniversary, Bandai made a bonus campaign for the new release and reissue of S.H.Figuarts from April to June 2013.  The bonus is a rider stage for each kamen rider.
The good news is the one of the reissue list is Bandai will reissue  S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryuki, for you who don't have this figure is very recommended to own it because this set figure is included with dragreder.

Here is the lineup for the S.H.Figuarts Anniversary release:

April 2013 :
- SHF Kamen Rider Wizard
SHF Kamen Rider Den-O
SHF Kamen Rider Agito
SHF Kamen Rider OOO
SHF Kamen Rider Kabuto

Mei 2013 :
SHF Kamen Rider Wizard
SHF Kamen Rider Fourze
SHF Kamen Rider Ryuki
- ????

Juni 2013 :
- ????
- ????
- ????
- ????
- ????

Source: SHFIndo, Tamashii JP

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