27 Jan 2013

Best Figma 2012 by Figmania

Figmania, a facebook group for figma lovers that based in Indonesia conduct a poll to decide the best figma in 2012.  The poll is taken from December 27, 2012 - January 4, 2013 and take from their official blog http://figmania.wordpress.com.
The election method is they provide several candidates that selected by Figmania members at facebook group and the voter can vote up to 4 figma.

Here is list of best figma in 2012 by Figmania
  1. Figma Insane Black Rock Shooter (18%)
  2. Figma Black Rock Shooter : TV ANIMATION ver. (10%)
  3. Figma Inori Yuzuriha (9%)
  4. Figma Tsubasa Kazanari (8%)
  5. Figma Karen Araragi (7%)
  6. Figma Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois (6%)
  7. Figma Saber: Zero ver. (6%)
  8. Figma Hibiki Tachibana (6%)
  9. Figma Sunred (6%)
  10. Figma Drossel (Charming) (5%)
  11. Figma Black Lotus (5%)
  12. Figma archetype: flesh color ver. (4%)
  13. Figma Link (3%)
  14. Figma Homura Akemi : School Uniform ver. (3%)
  15. Figma Tsubasa Hanekawa (2%)
  16. Figma Index (1%)
    Other answer… (1%)
   17. Figma Samus Aran
   18. Figma reika

If you are figma lover, you should join Figmania, one of the biggest Indonesian figma group to share knowledge about figma.
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2 Jan 2013

Winter 2012-2013 Anime Season

Winter 2012-2013 anime season is coming, this season is for period December 2012 - February 2013. For this winter, I am feel little disappointed because just a little anime series that make me interested to watch looking from the genre and promotional video.  It is Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, Cuticle Detective Inaba, and Inferno Cop.
This condition is very different if we compare with the winter anime movie. One Piece FIlm Z, Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge, and Berserk Ougan Jidai-Hen III: Kourin, those movies I think will get huge enthusiasts especially for One Piece FIlm Z.

Look the chart below for complete winter anime list

To download good quality image click here 

Thanks to neregate to create the chart.

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