30 Dec 2013

Kakumeiki Valvrave (2nd Season)

Good job Ichirou Okouchi (Sunrise). This series be “Anime of The Year” for me, filled with crazy thing, unpredictable stories, great devastating, till made you curious about unrevealed mysteries. Huge wishes for sequel from 1st season as "a new mecha" series from Sunrise paid here. "Sore wa Kakumeiki Valvrave, sekai o abaku sistemu"

Title : Kakumeiki Valvrave, Valvrave The Liberator
Type : TV Series
Status : Finished Airing (12 Episodes)
Aired : October to December 2013
Genre : Action, Mecha
Producers : Sunrise, Aniplex

If you already watched 1st season of this title, yeah that's really bored, not as expected, looks like 'special' school life following with superior weapon and cliffhanger ending. And then not long after 1st season end, news about 2nd season maybe makes some people feel "aahh.. boring series, and i won't going for its sequel", and i can't deny that. But as mecha fan, i will going for it with expectations and the results? I'm not disappointed, its REALLY F*CKIN AMAZING!! All things in 1st season instantly gone destroyed by Harakiri Blade :D

Most of mysteries from its prequel are solved here. So much inconceviable things, once more Sunrise successful make surprise, a wrath may be you feel. The existence of mysterious power which can categorized as "Supernatural" fight against advance of science and technologies research. Altough not a new idea but in Valvrave it served quite complicated. As usual, mecha series from Sunrise never misses from political conflict, storylife about dreams, friendship, romance also compiled with very good in this sequel (and it makes me quite crazy after watch it). Good job Ichiro Okouchi (Sunrise), despite in the end you maybe need 3rd season or minimal a movie for heal it all. (Story 9/10)

Animation and arts will make you amazed even tough the improvement not reach 100% spots. Fighting scene more epic and get more portions from before, the animations (in my pov) "more looks" 3D, and it's give "Yeah!! This is what i'm waiting for!!". One thing which make this series not smiliar with another Sunrise's mecha series like Gundam are nothing of evolution the mecha or major improvement. They're just added some new weapon and equipments, there new warfare units, and airing time of Unit-02 so short! /oops/ (Art & Animations 8.5/10)

Kakumei Dualism performed by T.M.Revolution x Nana Mizuki again trusted by Sunrise be opening, thats not bad decisions. Generally audio sides not so far from the prequel, maybe there a little bit improvement isn't realized by me, sorry hehe. However Sunrise successful make this series so awesome in last minutes, moments of insert song very proper with currently scene and it can break your feel! (Sound 8.5/10)

Another significant improvements do by Sunrise in characteristics! You'll be carried away the bitter sweet taste of life, and words like "What is this...." or "f*ck!" will thrown. (Characteristics 9/10)

Yap finally, not just answer most of mysteries from its prequel, overall this series far away from hopes lol. Unpredictable storylines, Okouchi decisions to develop the stories and characters are satisfying, existences of much mysterious things came back at the end of series haha. Okay, so how much? 666/666 !! Oh no, i mean 8.5/10
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17 Dec 2013

Saint Seiya CG Film Characters Image Revealed

The first Saint Seiya CG Film, Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary that adapted from Sanctuary arc of Masami Kurumada Saint Seiya manga, reveale a poster and characters image via it's official website.

"Save Your Athena" , the message inside the poster and asks, "Have you ever felt Cosmo?"
The image characters reveal Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, and Saori Kido.

As we know before, Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary scheduled to release in summer 2014 in Japan.

Source: animeanime.jp via ANN
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15 Dec 2013

Captain Tsubasa Get New Manga and Will Release This Month

captain tsubasa rising sun

Youichi Takahashi soccer manga, Captain Tsubasa will get a new manga that scheduled to ship in Japan on on December 28.
Acording to Shueisha's Grand Jump magazine, Youichi Takahashi new manga titled Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun. The manga will tell story about Tsubasa Ozora that has goal to participate in the Olympics.

Captain Tsubasa original manga first release in 1981 and has give inspiration for many kids to play football. One of them is Fernando Torres who become professional football player at the present because he like watch Oliver y Benji (Captain Tsubasa in Spain) when he was a kid.

Source: ANN

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11 Dec 2013

Initial D 3DS Game is Free to Play

Takumi Fujiwara Initial D
Takumi Fujiwara and AE-86 

Shuichi Shigeno mountain street racing manga Initial D will get Nintendo 3DS game adaptation according to issue of Famitsu magazine. The game develop by Sega and it will be titled Initial D: Perfect Shift Online.

This 3DS game is free to play but to get items will be charged. To play it you only control the shift gear up and down, and the car will drive automatically by system.

Initial D: Perfect Shift Online scheduled will be released in Spring 2014 while the anime movie adaptation will be released in August 2014.

* Image is not from the game.

Source: Siliconera, Gematsu
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8 Dec 2013

Winter 2013/2014 Anime List

Fall 2013 anime season will be over in a few days more and will be replaced with winter anime season which most of them will be released in January 2014 and just a little release in December 2013.

In winter I will watch Silver Spoon second season, Natsume Yuujin-Chou: Itsuka Yui no Hi ni (OVA), Space Dandy, and No-Rin. This winter full of comedy anime that I will watch :D .

So how about you? what anime do you want to watch in Winter 2013/2014?

Winter 2013/2014 Anime Chart by Neregate

Add caption
Thank to neregate to create this chart.

Space Dandy PV 

No-Rin PV

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6 Dec 2013

Top 10 Best Selling Manga in Japan 2013

It's the end of year, as usual I will give information about who is the king of manga in Japan in a year. Not different from last year, Eiichiro Oda manga One Piece is still the king of manga with total sales 18,151,599 copies, lower than last year with 23,464,866 copies.

The newcomer this year, Hajime Isayama manga Attack on Titan or known as Shingeki no Kyojin cut through to second position with total sales 15,933,801 copies. Actually Attack on Titan is not newborn manga, the first manga  released in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine in 2009 and get the first tankobon volume in 2010. I predict the incredible sales of the manga is because the popularity of the anime adaptation, just like Sword Art Online which the light novel achieve incredible sales after get anime adaptation.

Here is the full list of  Top 10  Best Selling Manga in Japan 2013
  1. One Piece (Author: Eiichiro Oda ; Publisher: Shueisha) with total sales 18,151,599 copies.
  2. Attack on Titan (Author: Hajime Isayama ; Publisher: Kodansha) with total sales 15,933,801 copies.
  3. Kuroko's Basketball (Author: Tadatoshi Fujimaki ; Publisher: Shueisha) with total sales 8,761,081 copies.
  4. Magi (Author: Shinobu Ohtaka ; Publisher: Shogakukan) with total sales 7,151,001 copies.
  5. Naruto (Author: Masashi Kishimoto ; Publisher: Shueisha) with total sales 5,553,933 copies.
  6. Silver Spoon (Author: Hiromu Arakawa ; Publisher: Shogakukan) with total sales 4,858,699 copies.
  7. Assassination Classroom (Author: Yusei Matsui ; Publisher: Shueisha) with total sales 4,595,820 copies.
  8. Hunter × Hunter (Author: Yoshihiro Togashi ; Publisher: Shueisha) with total sales 4,231,475 copies.
  9. Fairy Tail (Author: Hiro Mashima ; Publisher: Kodansha) with total sales 3,790,151 copies.
  10. Terra Formars (Story: Yū Sasuga, Art: Kenichi Tachibana  ; Publisher: Shueisha) with total sales 3,602,630 copies.
Source: Oricon via ANN
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1 Dec 2013

Learn Japanese More Fun with App That Use Anime and Manga

If you want to improve your japanese language skill with more fun and learn it anywhere and anytime you can try this Andorid and iOS application that called JLPT Prep N4&N5. The JLPT itself is for "Japanese Language Proficiency Test",  a test to certify and evaluate Japanese language proficiency for non-native speakers.

JLPT Prep N4&N5 serve to learn japanese through 60 minutes animation that makes this application more fun. This application will  show 48 Mikos characters card await you to greet and wish you to success on your exams.

What kind person that suitable for this app ?
  • People who have completed approximately 300 hours of basic Japanese studies
  • People considering the N4/N5 exam
  • People considering the N3/2/1 exams but want to review
  • Preparation and review for Japanese school lessons
  • Studying between busy hours
  • Not intended for people who have had no basic Japanese studies
The application that developed by Wao Corporation, a Japanese educational entertainment company that based on Osaka has been released this app since July 2013 and can you download it via google play and App Store.
For more information about JLPT Prep N4&N5 you can visit the Wao website.

Source: ANN
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22 Nov 2013

Hunter x Hunter The Last Mission Film Get Full Trailer

The Last Mission, second movie of Hunter x Hunter get the full trailer after Yahoo Japan Special Movies page stream the full trailer with duration 93 seconds. The trailer also reveal the film  theme song "Hyōri Ittai" by Yuzu and featuring vocalist Hyadain.

This movie scheduled to release on December 27 and has announced in the end of the first film, Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge.

The story of the second film inspired by Yoshiro Togashi's Hunter X Hunter manga revolves around the dark history of the strongest Hunters that once existed in the Hunters Association that were split into “light” and “dark,” with each walking down their respective paths. The “dark” side begins moving in order to massacre all Hunters, and both Killua and Kurapika are caught up in the violence and are injured. What is the dark secret behind Netero, the strongest Nen-user and the chairman of the Hunter Association? (ANN)

Source: ANN  , Yahoo Japan
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16 Nov 2013

Newest Shin Chan 3DS Game Promotional Video

The newest Shin Chan 3ds game that titled Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi o Yobu Kasukabe Eiga Stars! / Crayon Shin-chan: Kasukabe Movie Stars Who Bring a Storm! will coming to Japan on April 2014 with 4,740 yen.
The action RPG 3ds game, reveal scenes from the 21 past Shin Chan film. A promotional video from Bandai Namco Kids reveal the game and describe the story.

The first copies of the game will include the 1993 Super Famicom (or also known as Super Nintendo Entertainment System) game Crayon Shin-chan: The Kindergartner Who Brings a Storm as downloadable content.

You can pre order it from now via AmiAmi.

Source: ANN, Siliconera
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11 Nov 2013

Senran Kagura Burst Will be Available in North American EShop This Week

Senran Kagura Burst, a 3DS fighting game that developed by Tamsoft and published by Marvelous AQL and XSeed Games will be available for North America region on 14 November. But North America only get digital version for $ 29.99, different with Europe that get physical and digital version and will be released in Q1 2014.

Senran Kagura Burst that the story revolve around a group female ninja will include Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows and Senran Kagura: Crimsons Girls storylines. Senran Kagura series also has get manga and anime tv series adaptation.

Source: Nintendo life
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6 Nov 2013

Upcoming Initial D Anime Movie on August 2014

A few months ago, heard news about Initial D Anime the Movie that will be released on summer 2014. It's been confirmed that the movie will be released on August 2014 after official website for the movie reveal the release date and stream a pilot video that in the end of the video there is a tagline "In 2014, a new legend starts running."

The upcoming Initial D project not just to make this movie but also will adapt the manga Final Battle into an anime series called Final Stage.

Update: The Final Stage will be made as movie which is part of the Initial D Movie trilogy.

Source: Official website Intial D movie, ANN
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31 Oct 2013

Saint Seiya CG Film 2014 Titled Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary

The CG (Computer Generated) animated Saint Seiya film that will be released on summer next year, titled as Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary. The film is based from the Sanctuary Arc Saint Seiya manga story that created by Masami Kurumada.
The film is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kurumada's 1986-1990 manga and Toei's subsequent 1986-1989 television anime.

The director of Tiger & Bunny anime, Keiichi Satou will direct this film and scriptwriter for six episodes Tiger & Bunny will writing the screenplay.
The creator of Saint Seiya manga, Masami Kurumada also will be involved in this film as the original creator and chief production supervisor.

Source: ANN, Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary official website
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28 Oct 2013

Tamashii Nations Exclusive Events Scheduled to Held in Indonesia Next Year

A few days ago I just ask when Bandai will made SHFiguarts Robo and Bio Rider from Kamen Rider Black in a blog post. Apparently SHFiguarts Robo and Bio Rider will become reality because today, a largest SHFiguarts fans group from Indonesia, S.H.Figuarts Indonesia just made a polling to give Bandai reference, what figure to become Tamashii Nations exclusive items that scheduled to held next year in Indonesia. One of the four choice available is SHFiguarts Robo and Bio Rider.

But if you Kamen Rider Black fans cannot feel happy right now, because SHFiguarts Robo and Bio Rider must compete with three other choice, they are SHFiguarts Bima Satria Garuda, SHFiguarts Google V, and Ultra Act Megaloman. As I said before, this polling just give reference and oppinion , the winner is not mentioned automatically will become Tamashii Nations exclusive item, if referring to the SHFiguarts Indonesia group polling.

If you want to participate and give reference you can join the polling here  .
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27 Oct 2013

Live Action Silver Spoon Film Teaser

Live Action Silver Spoon film that adapted from Hiromu Arakawa's silver spoon / Gin no Saji manga get the teaser after the official website for the film posted a page to stream the teaser with duration 32 seconds.

Kento Nakajima, Sexy Zone band member will act as Yūgo Hachiken. Alice Hirose will act as Aki Mikage. Ryūhei Ueshima will act as the principal, Nakamura Shidō will play Nakajima, and Tomohiro Ichikawa will play as Ichirō Komaba.

The film scheduled will be released in Japan on March 7, 2014 while the anime adaptation just ended for the first season and scheduled will continue for the second season in January 2014.

Source: Nippon Cinema via ANN

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24 Oct 2013

SHFiguarts Road Sector Open Pre Order

Bandai tamashii webshouten just show a page to open pre order of SHFiguarts Road Sector.
The order start from October 25, 2013 and scheduled to release in April 2014.
SHFiguarts Road Sector will be released in the market for 5,400 yen and you will get a set of the kamen rider black motorcycle Road Sector that contain :
- The main body and transparent stand 
- Replacement grip 
- Replacement parts

This news will make Kamen Rider Black figure series collector should prepare huge cash because this month Bandai will renewal SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Black and batle hopper, and a few days ago Bandai has just reissue SHFiguarts Shadow Moon.
Not just about Kamen Rider Black but the sequel, Kamen Rider RX. There is a rumour that SHFiguarts Kamen Rider RX will get renewal/reissue after an image of RX revealed.

After Bandai make SHFiguarts black, RX, battle hopper, road sector, acrobatter and shadow moon. So how about SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Bio and Robo :D ?

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19 Oct 2013

Nintendo Confirm Save Data Problem in Lumiose City - Pokemon X Y

Pokemon X & Y Nintendo 3DS games has released just a few days ago. With many new feature, this pokemon 3ds game success sell over four million units just in it's first two days.
But there is a problem regarding save data. Some players get problem when save game in lumiose city, after they save it and then load the game, the control will not response.

Through the official website, nintendo posted an article to confirm this problem and give solution for the players who get the problem. Here is the quotation from nintendo:
The Issue
In some rare cases, if the player saves the game in certain areas of Lumiose City (see below map), then ends the game, the controls will not respond when the saved game is reloaded.
How to Avoid This
Please make sure you don’t save the game while in the areas marked on the map below (blue area). You can still save the game anywhere else in Lumiose City, including inside buildings such as Pokémon Centers.

So if  I already get this problem, what should I do ? Should I reset the game, so I can play Pokemon X Y again ? You do not need to reset the game because nintendo still preparing an application to fix it, you just need to be patient to wait it in Nintendo eShop
Solution for Players Already Experiencing this Issue
We are preparing an application to recover saved game data for players whom this has happened to. This will be made available to download from Nintendo eShop as soon as possible.
Final statement from the article, nintendo apologizes for the problem that happen in Pokemon X & Y .
We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience and ask you to please keep an eye on our website over the coming days for the latest information and updates.

Source: Nintendo

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16 Oct 2013

Nendoroid and Figma Eren Yeager Preview

Kahotan, a blogger from GSC just posted some image to give preview of nendoroid and figma Eren Yaeger, a main character from Atack on Titan /  Shingeki no Kyojin anime/manga series.

This figure might be the most anticipated figure for Shingeki no Kyojin fans after figma and nendoroid Mikasa Ackerman pre order has been opened.

Figma Eren Yaeger will include with  three dimensional maneuver gear, blades, cloak , and optional part face (anger face, stunned face, and normal face).

You do not have to wait for long time to pre order it, because figma Eren Yaeger is open for pre order from today and scheduled to release in April 2014.

Source: Kahotan blog, Crunchyroll

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13 Oct 2013

S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Black Comparison and RX Teaser

SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Black Renewal

A few days more before October 26, the day for S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Black renewal to be released, Tamashii Feature posted some photos to give comparison of S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Black 2009 version and the renewal version.

In the picture above, kamen rider black on the left is 2009 version and on the right is the renewal version.
If you see the crotch, the 2009 will be more small compare than renewal version. On the leg, the renewal version has more high leg than 2009 version.
But if you look the chest and shoulder , 2009 version has more bigger chest and shoulder.
The color for the renewal version look more "black", I mean it's not give shiny impression / glossy that you can see in 2009 version.

If you look more detail about the joint knee shape, there is some difference.

Overall, in my opinon S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Black renewal version is more proportional than the 2009 version.

In the end, they give a picture of Kamen Rider Black RX that maybe it is S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Black RX Renewal.

Source: Tamashii Feature
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11 Oct 2013

Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land on February 2014

The newest Harvest Moon game that titled Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land scheduled to release in Japan on February 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

According to Famitsu Magazine, Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land will has new feature and farming
will be more simple. But overall the game will not has many different than latest Harvest Moon game.

The new feature is Trade Station, that allow you to trade crops and dairy product to other countries and you can also visit them on vacations. Not just about trade station, this game will be other ranchers to guide you about the game. Miss about fishing, Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land will bring back fishing feature to the game.

Source: Siliconera

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5 Oct 2013

Tokyo Ravens Get Second PV

The upcoming fall 2013 anime, Tokyo Ravens get the second promotional video with duration 111 seconds.

The anime is adaptation of Kohei Azano's Tokyo Ravens light novel that the anime will be released on October 8.
X-encounter by Maon Kurosaki become the anime opening theme song that also reveal on the PV.

The story is about Harutora, a boy from a branch of the Tsuchimikado family of onmyōdō occult practitioners. However, he lacks the ability to see spirit energy, so he is now just an ordinary high school student. Natsume, a girl who was Harutora's childhood friend and the next head of the Tsuchimikado family, reunites with Harutora and changes his future. (ANN)

Source: ANN
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27 Sep 2013

Fall 2013 Anime Season

Next month fall 2013 anime season will be release, many anime on fall season that I predict will have many audience such as Pokemon X&Y, Kuroko's Basketball second season, and Gundam Build Fighters.
But my most anticipated anime of fall 2013 is Coppelion, Ace of Diamond, and Log Horizon.
So how about you? What your most anticipated anime of fall 2013?

To looking more about fall 2013 anime season list you can see the chart created by Neregate.

Fall 2013 Anime Chart by Neregate (compressed by me)

For better image quality you can download here (Source: Neregate.com)

Here is some of Promotional Video for Fall 2013 Anime Season:

Coppelion PV 

Ace of Diamond  PV

Strike the Blood PV

Gundam Build Fighters PV

Log Horizon PV

Pokemon X&Y PV

Kuroko's Basketball Anime Second Season PV

Golden Time PV

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24 Sep 2013

Kuroko's Basketball Miraculous Victory 3DS Get First PV

Namco Bandai reveal first promotional video of Kuroko's Basketball Miraculous Victory, a 3DS game that adapted from Kuroko's Basketball anime.
The game reveal Kuroko's Basketball character in 3D super deformed style. This 3DS game scheduled to release this winter.

While you wait the game to released, you can watch the continuation of Kuroko's Basketball anime first season because the second season will be released this October.

Source: ANN, Siliconera
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21 Sep 2013

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Trailer

During Tokyo Game Show 2013, Square Enix show trailer for the newest Final Fantasy games for 3DS, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call with duration 98 seconds.
This musical Nintendo 3DS game is sequel of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and reveal around 200+ tracks, 60 + characters and a new versus battle mode. The game is scheduled to released on Spring 2014 in Japan.

Source: MyNintendoNews
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19 Sep 2013

One Piece Romance Dawn 3DS Will Come to North America

Namco Bandai Games at Tokyo Game Show 2013 announced, One Piece Romance Dawn 3DS will be released in North America this holiday season.
This RPG game based on One Piece manga story from the beginning until Marineford Arc and cover until nearly 600 chapters of One Piece manga.

It's still not confirmed, is One Piece Romance Dawn 3DS available for retail release or just digital version release.

This game has feature to increase characters stat, accessory customization and go to shop.

Source: Siliconera, ANN
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7 Sep 2013

Psycho Pass Second Season Get PV and Film Announcement

The action psychological anime Psycho Pass, get the Promotional Video for it's second season tv anime series. Surprisingly, the PV is not just for the newest tv series, but also for the Psycho Pass Movie. At the end of PV, announce the new tv series and film will be completely new works and state that "SIByL still continues..".
The announcement of the second season has announced by Production I.G President & CEO Mitsuhisa Ishikawa in July at Anime Expo.

Source: ANN
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29 Aug 2013

Nintendo 2DS Announced

Yesterday Nintendo announced the newest handled system, it's called Nintendo 2DS. This handled console is still part of the 3DS family because all the feature of Nintendo 3DS minus 3D view is available on Nintendo 2DS.
You can play all 3DS and most NDS games in 2D view. The 2DS also has wireless connectivity, access Nintendo eShop and parental control that let adults manage the system content. The user also can still take 3D photo but can’t be displayed on the 2DS, but are still viewable in 3D if you view it in 3DS.

So who is the 2DS for? According to Fils-Aime, the idea for the 2DS came from wanting to appeal to younger consumers, as the standard 3DS is aimed at players age seven and up.

The 2DS will be available on October 12, 2013 for $ 129.99 and will come in blue and red color model.

What's in the one box set of 2DS?
- Nintendo 2DS machine
- 2DS stylus
- SDHC card
- Nintendo 3DS AC Adapter
- AR cards

Source: IGN, Nintendo

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20 Aug 2013

Hunter x Hunter The Last Mission Film Trailer Revealed

The second Hunter x Hunter movie, Hunter x Hunter The Last Mission get the first trailer. The trailer with duration 33 second reveal Gon Freecs, Kurapika, Killua Zoldyck, Hisoka and Netero, the chairman of Hunter Association.

As we know before , the film that tell story about the dark side of the Hunter Association will be released on December 27.


Source: ANN
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17 Aug 2013

Pocket Monsters: The Origin TV Anime Will be Released in October

Pokemon: The Origin television anime, the newest pokemon anime that the characters are based from Nintendo Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green (as blue in North America) video games will premiere on October 2 in Japan.
The promotional video, character information, image teaser can you see on The Pokemon Company official website. The promotional video was shown at the "Pokémon Game Show" event held at the Tokyo Big Sight event center.

This anime will appear a boy named Red as the main character and Green as his rival. Professor Okido (Professor Oak), Gym Leader Takeshi (Brock), Red's mother, and Team Rocket will also appear in Kanto, the first region ever seen in the Pokémon franchise.
Red character pokemon the origin
Green character pokemon the origin

Gym Leader Takeshi
Gym Leader Takeshi

Professor Okido
Professor Okido

The PV with duration 76 seconds feature Hitokage (Charmander), Ishitsubute (Geodude), Kamex (Blastoise), Lizardon (Charizard) and Shiten'nō (Elite Four) member Wataru (Lance).

Promotional Video Pocket Monsters: The Origin TV Anime

Source: ANN
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14 Aug 2013

Limited Edition 3DS Doraemon

Nintendo Taiwan introduced the new limited edition 3DS with color blue dominant for background theme, it's  limited edition 3DS Doraemon. But you cannot get this 3DS on the market because this 3DS is a contest prize for who to buy Doraemon: Nobita's Number Adventure, a new Chinese-language educational mathematical game.
To join the contest you should in Taiwan to buy the game and visit the contest page and download the entry form.

Source: MyNintendoNews, cnet Asia
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11 Aug 2013

Sword Art Online Anime Get Extra Edition TV

Good news for Sword Art Online lovers, because at the end of 2013, SAO anime will get extra edition anime television. This news has spread yesterday and many people expect the "extra edition" tv will be adaptation of the Gun Gale Online chapter from SAO light novel.

But according to Reki Kawahara afterword at the end of the SAO light novel vol 13, the extra edition tv is a compilation of the SAO anime tv series plus some new scenes.

Here is the Reki Kawahara afterword scan from yaraon that translated by sgcafe.

I’d like to do a bit of promotional plugging on this page here. You probably already know this from looking at the book’s wraparound jacket band, but at the end of 2013 the Sword Art Online TV anime series will be getting a TV special.
Although the year-end TV special is fundamentally a compilation of the Aincrad and Fairy Dance chapters from the 2012 TV anime series, there will be some new scenes added.
It’s been almost a year since we’ve all been able to see Kirito move around in animated form on a TV screen, so please do watch the TV special.

 Source: sgcafe, Yaraon
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8 Aug 2013

Second Hunter x Hunter Movie Premiere in December

hunter x hunter the last mission

Upcoming Hunter x Hunter movie titled Hunter x Hunter The Last Mission will premiere on December 27 in Japan, according to 37th issue of Shueisha Shonen Jump magazine. The magazine also describe the story:
The strongest Hunters that once existed in the Hunters Association were split into “light” and “dark”, and each walked down their respective paths. The “dark” side begins moving in order to massacre all Hunters! What actions will Gon take when the many crimes of Netero and the Hunters Association are unveiled...!?
The second Hunter x Hunter movie that tell story of the dark side of Hunter Association will be directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi and the script handled by Nobuaki Kishima.

second hunter x hunter movie teaser

Source: Otaku USA Magazine, ANN
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6 Aug 2013

Patlabor Robot Photos for the Live Action Film Revealed

patlabor live action

As we know before that Patlabor Mobile Police, the 80's popular mecha anime series get the live action film in 2014. The photos of Patlabor robot circulated online and rumoured the area was located in Nanbu-Shijō area of Yokohama City.

Mamoru Oshii, the creator of Patlabor anime series will join the production of Patlabor live action film. The news announced at Japan Expo in Paris by the production company Tohokushinsha Film Corporation. The project was launched in March and in the official website show Oshii name that says "Mamoru Oshii x The Next Generation - Patlabor - Coming in 2014."

patlabor robor photo

patlabor real size

Source: ANN, Crunchyroll, Cybergundam
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