7 Dec 2012

Kokoro Connect

Genius. That's what occurred to me to the author after watching this anime, really "weird".

It has a storyline which if examined only ordinary school life, but the depiction growth of each character is very strong with ideas and unique ways. That story ideas of this anime different from the other slice of life anime, use something supernatural but not overwhelming and the results are very good. The conflicts are very precise and will make the audience become curious about what will happen in next time. One more advantage of why I love this anime, there are many things that can be lessons in the real world, a lot of "quotes" that can also be used as motivation in life.

Type : TV Series
Episodes : 13
Status : Finished
Aired : July - September 2012
Genre : Slice of Life, School, Drama, Romance, Mystery, Supernatural
Studio : Silver Link

Taichi, Iori and Inaba are friends since Junior High School and when come to Senior High School, they back together. There, they do not enter any club but they instead form "Cultural Researcher Club" along with two new friends, Aoki and Yui. Finally they were familiar and friendly but actually they are not as close relations as it looks. Their relations and friendships so interests and be an object of for something calling itself a "Heartseed". For no apparent reason he was "interferes" their relationships with a mysterious phenomenon by swapping souls among the five of them at random, with the disorder their life becomes abnormal, their characteristics growing, and how with their relationship??

Story : It has a unique storyline and original, have strong character development (10/10)
Artwork & Animation: I think this series smiliar with K-ON artwork, simple but nice views, keep it nice and feels different views of the fashion style of each character, the depiction of the environment is also good. (8.5/10)
Music : Opening and ending sounds blend with the genre and story (9/10)
Seiyuu : With some experienced voice actors, drama in this series feels good (8.5/10)
Overall : With unique ideas this anime really brings life to each character, growth of each character so realistic to displays how someone would react and solved problems in friendships nor life (9/10)

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