7 Dec 2012


Ever watch Final Destination?! If so, in general this series it can be said this series is Final Destination anime version.

Type : TV Series
Episodes : 12 + 1 OVA
Status : Finished
Aired : Dec 2011 – Mar 2012 + May 2012 for OVA
Genre : Mystery, Thriller, Horror, School
Studio : P.A. Works

Lifted from a horror mystery novel written by Yukito Ayatsuji, this be one of the horror genre aniem which enough to make the audience carried intimidating atmosphere, not because of ghosts or other supernatural beings. Broadly smiliar to the plot of his novel, at the beginning of the story emphasizes the mystery and at the middle to late emphasis on the thriller and horror.

In 1972, a Middle school student of Yomiyama North in class 3-3 named Misaki is very popular among friends and even teachers, suddenly died of unknown cause. Many outstanding issues about how the death of Misaki, then students and teachers in her school acting strange, they think Misaki is still alive even on the day of graduation Head of school is providing a special chair for Misaki.

Spring 1998, Koichi Sakakibara transfers into North Yomiyama Junior High School and was in class 3-3 where he met someone strange girl with an eye patch on the left and the that girl looks ignored by all of his classmates. The day before he went to class 3-3, Sakakibara also accidentally saw a strange girl with the same appearance in the hospital who was a classmate, Mei Misaki. After Sakakibara entered, the class hit the mysterious death of myth, death would deprive everyone associated with class 3-3. So, what is the cause behind all of that?

Storyline : At first glance it looks like the cheat Final Destination but it is not entirely the same. Mystery indicated is good, quite complex and may make audience curious, also the story so difficult to predict. (8/10)
Artwork: When it comes to character, as usual PA Works has a good artwork (8.5/10)
Animation: The movement and behavior of each character is not so dynamic, pretty stiff, even some moments that look weird. Animation bloodshed in this anime is also pretty good and is not suitable for child. (7.5/10)
Music: This anime Opening is performed by Ali Project with Densen Kyoumu / "Nightmare Contagion" and its Ending "Anamnesis" by Annabel. Selection of song fits perfectly with the feel of this anime. (8.5/10)
Voiced by: Most of the main cast is filled by the usual or supporting seiyuu mediocre but their perform is pretty good. (7/10)
Overall: The mystery is quite complex and unpredictable, genre mystery horror anime fans still worth to watch this series. (8/10)

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