25 Nov 2012

Steins Gate Movie Burdened Region of Deja Vu Trailer

The upcoming Steins Gate Movie that titled Burdened Region of Deja Vu, finally got a promotional video with duration 119 second.

Burdened Region of Deja Vu will be released on Spring 2013 in Japan and will airing in at least 30 theaters in Japan.

Quote from crunchyroll
MAGES president Shikura Chiyomaru tweeted that the anime feature's original story with a new conclusion to the time travel mystery. 
It's been a quite long time not to see  mad scientist Rintaro Okabe struggle to change the future after the final episode of anime series was ended on September 2011. Not just to see the mystery and science fiction story but also more romance story that I expect from this movie.

Steins Gate Movie - Burdened Region of Deja Vu Trailer

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