16 Nov 2012

Manga : Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- usually shortened Tsubasa, one of the best manga that I’ve ever read. Altough I’ve not followed since the initial release of this manga, I always curious with this serial and never read manga which I continue following each chapter everyday until I finished read this from start.

Written by (Original Story) : Ohkawa and Nanase (CLAMP)
Original Art : CLAMP
Genre : Fantasy, Romance
Demographic : Shonen
Status : Finished
Total Volumes : 28
Published : May 21, 2003 – Oct 7, 2009

Synopsis :
About four travelers across the world over magic power multi-dimensional transport, bound by fate and future. The Princess of Clow Country, Sakura with a strange power that can change the world and her childhood friend who have dream to be an archeologist, Syaoran. One day, Sakura heard a strange sound which she feel called by its sound and that sound bring her to a sacred historical site. Instantly, after her arrive there, Sakura loss of consciousness then Syaoran get bad feeling and come to help her but it’s late. Sakura’s memories split up to another world dimensions in feather forms. To save Sakura from the death, Syaoran must travelling across dimensional worlds and however the one who can do it is a witch with a great price. Then Syaoran come to that witch and there he meet with Kurogane and Fay who have problems too. Then Syaoran must collecting her memories and travelling with two others which help him later.  In order to save his princess, Syaoran must give up his relationship with her. Even if he gathers all of Sakura's memories, she will never remember their past together...

This series have a complex story which packed with highly visual art and characters. As usual CLAMP, the art is very detail start from the hair, stylized eye until elaborating cloth which remains a unique style to them. And at the story, in early the story is very confusing, but by the time passess you will get unpredictable explanation for the story. Unlike other manga, story at this series complex but didn’t extend that causes many of curiousity, actually the story just have one problems. But overall, every scene described well, you may have a prediction but at the next single sometimes you will surprised and got panic. The others unique of this series,  there are many unexplained questions and the answer is on xxxHolic series. So, you will understand if patience to read xxxHolic too.

Overall: 9.5/10

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