9 Oct 2012

Toys Games Republic 2012 Report

Toys Games Republic 2012 or also known as TGR 2012, local event for toys and games community especially action figure collector has been held last week at 5-7 October 2012 in Bandung, Indonesia. This event was enlivened with cosplay contest, eat ramen contest, PES 2012 tournament, and toys auction. The visitor dominated by adult, because we know action figure collectors mostly is adult.

Action figures that be on display dominated with action figure from west film characters like star wars, iron man and the others. But booths that sell figures dominated with action figure from anime/manga/tokusatsu characters like gundam, naruto, bleach and kamen rider. They are also offer big discount up to 50% for some item, it is very delightful for action figure collector. On there I bought Robot Damashii Gundam Age 1 Normal and Sengoku Basara gashapon, these items is enough to make my wallet thinner ^_^.

Here is some photos of Toys Games Republic 2012.

Darh maul cosplay

doraemon toys

son goku action figure

star wars action figure

yoda action figure

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