14 Oct 2012

Tari Tari

Type : TV Series
Episodes : 13
Studio : P.A Works
Aired : July – September 2012
Genre : Slice of Life, School, Music

In the last year of high school is always be one of most interested moment in life, have much memories both happy and sad, a time to looking forward and back. Five students from Shirahamazaka High School which have different dreams met and grouped in a chorus club. Sakai Wakana, despite the fact she is very good at singing but refuse from music because tragedy about her mother. Sawa Okita, a girl who want to be professional’s horse rider but it dispute with her father. Konatsu Miyamoto, short and earnest girl who loves sing and dance. Leader and creator of a new chorus club at Shirahamazaka High School which previous she is a member in choir club but rejected cause she make a problem when in a festival one year ago. Taichi Tanaka, a solo member in badminton club and have a dream to be a professional badminton player. And last a transfer student from Austria, Atsuhiro “Wien” Maeda. He is very obsessed with a super sentai show called Ganbaraijers (Ganba Rangers), and always write letters to young and a sickly Austrian boy named Jan.

Story started when Konatsu rejected from choir club but in her last year at high school she wants singing in Festival. A new club minimal have 5 members for accepted and can participate in festival, and then later Konatsu invite Sawa who also member of archery club, Wakana, Wien and Taichi. Taichi joined the group cause the badminton club also not have member, so Konatsu make an offering to make group club.

Storyline : This anime’s genre is slice of life about school and musical. There was not anything special or put a new spin on the genre, but life story about each problems of 5 main characters solved it so epic, story about how music bring people together despite their differents and how they’re raise their goals in the future. This anime still worth and enjoyed to watch. (8/10)
Artwork : As usual P.A Works present nice artwork (9/10)
Characters : Most of the main characters with different personal described well and not excessive so feel drama enjoyed to watched. Plus design character from P.A Works very beautiful. (9/10)
Musics : Every songs is amazing and enjoying! (10/10)
Seiyuu : While voice actors not from “top level” but they’re played with good and balanced. (8/10)
Overall (8.5/10)

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