27 Oct 2012

Sword Art Online

Total of episode: (ongoing)
Original run: July 2012-ongoing
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Opening song: Crossing Field-LiSA (ep 1-14), Innocence-Aoi Eir (ep 15-)
Ending song: Yume Sekai-Haruka Tomatsu (ep 1-14), Overfly-Haruna Luna (ep 15-)

In 2022, there is a game named Sword Art Online. This game is the VRMMORPG ( Virtual reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) which player can play that game using Nerve Gear, a helmet that stimulates user senses via their brain, so they can control their in-game character with their minds. Kirito is one of the lucky beta-tester of that game.
At the launching of this game, all of 10.000 SAO sets sold. Kirito, who play this game again, meets some new friends in SAO world. Suddenly, the log out button dissapeared. Kirito and other players get a call from the maker of the game to gather at the lobby. The maker of this game, named Kayaba Akihiko , tell that starting from that time, SAO players can't log out from the game unless they reach 100th floor and beat final boss there. Can Kirito log out from SAO?

Story: the story is so cool. Romance and action in this anime are main spices that make me enjoyed this anime so much. 10/10
Animation: all of the scenes are amazing! Especially battle scenes, of course. 9/10
Music: the openings are perfect, especially second opening song. First ending song is lovely, but the second ending song is not really good as the first, I think. 8/10
Artwork: Kirito is sooo cute that I want to be his wife. The other characters are not bad, and I really love in-game costume of almost all of SAO players. 10/10
Seiyuu: Kirito's voice make me really in love with him. Other characters, like Asuna, also have good voice too. 10/10
Overall: 9,5/10

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Knight Azura said...

and Asuna is so very beauty *A*) I want to be her husband, lol~ /SHOT