25 Oct 2012

Official Anime Merchandise from Toshin

Toshin a new anime fashion brand from VIZ Media has launched several anime merchandise in the last two months and on 15 October Toshin announced their official Toshin store on cafepress.com. Official naruto and bleach stuff like t-shirts, bag, IPhone and IPad case has launched by Toshin with good price for "official" anime stuff, with only $15 you can own a naruto posses mug.

For this time Toshin just add two popular anime to their line product, that is Naruto and Bleach but Toshin will add more anime and product design in the future.

Not just limited by Toshin design, you can also design your own Naruto gear, very interesting concept I think. If you interested to buy Toshin product you can go to http://www.cafepress.com/+narutotv+gifts for Naruto merchandise or http://www.cafepress.com/+bleachtv+gifts for Bleach merchandise.

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