31 Oct 2012

La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia

Type : TV series
Episodes : 12
Studio : J.C Staff, Sentai Filmworks
Aired : July 2 to September 16, 2012
Genre : Romance, Shoujo

There is a small trading island called Regalo. The peace of that island not keeps by law but powerful organization, The Arcana Famiglia. Most of this prestigious “family” is their mastery of the Arcana, mystical powers derived from tarot cards. The main story of this anime focused on wishes of the Arcana Famiglia leader, Mondo. He want to choose a successor through a tournament called the Arcana Duello. It’s event for all members who joined at family and especially members with Arcana powers. Winner of that duel will be husband of Mondo’s daughter, Felicita.
Two young men among the family are energic Liberta and serious minded Nova interested to protecting Felicita’s freedom than to be his wife. After that announcement, all of family members prepared for that duel, also to Liberta, Nova and Felicita. They’re get to know each other and with Felicita’s Arcana power to read minds, she discover Liberta and Nova’s problem. Are they can solved their problems and growing to controlled their Arcana Power?

Story : First watch this series, I was surprised with promising story, cool and unique of supranatural powers with original concept, but after following the whole series I was bored and a little bit disappointed. This series have potential good / strong stories but in fact the main problem is not good at all. Nothing powerful enemies or massive problems happen and all of family members use their powers, the story have very narrow scope which just focused on how each main characters growing and solved their problem and that’s it all. (6/10)
Artwork : One thing is good from this series and also following with epic animation (9/10)
Characters : Actually all of characters have a strong personality, but not supported with a good story. (8/10)
Musics : Opening song is good but the ending not suits at all I think. (7/10)
Seiyuu : With several good voice actors this series that still make anyone who follows the whole series will feel bored because of the story. (8/10)
Overall : (7.6/10)

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