27 Oct 2012

Binbougami ga!

Total of episode: 13
Original run: July-September 2012
Studio: Sunrise
Opening song: Make My Day-PIKO
Ending song: Love Riot-HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Do you feel that you are fortune person? If yes, then maybe you're actually still lack of fortune than Sakura Ichiko. She is so rich, has her own butler, beautiful, liked by all of the boys in her class, and good in both academic and sports. She has so many Fortunes, that's why Binbougami (God of Misfortunes) named Momiji is choosing her as the target. Momiji wants to take some Fortunes from Ichiko to rebalance the world, but of course Ichiko doesn't want it. So, the days when Momiji try to take Ichiko's Fortunes are started ....

Story: the story is simple and funny. 9/10
Animation: the animation is good, especially at the opening and ending song. 8/10
Music: I love the opening and ending song videos! They are so creative and unforgettable. 9/10
Artwork: The chara design is quite cute and colourful. 8/10
Seiyuu: I love both Momiji and Ichiko's voice. And I never expect that Ichiko's seiyuu is Kana Hanazawa, who usually roles as cute or quiet characters. 8/10
Overall: 8,5/10

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