19 Sept 2012

Manga: Kagerou Days

And yes, this is what I've read these days, and I found the plot is quite interesting
Therefore, this is what I got after read 3 first chapters of the manga

Kagerou Days
Original Story: Jin / Shizennoteki-P
Original Character Designer: Shidu
Manga Adaptation: Satou Mahiro

The Story rolls around Kisaragi Shintarou, a HikkiNEET, Hikkikomori NEET ( Hikkikomori means the person just stay on the home and NEET Means Not In Education, Employment, And Training). He stays of HikkiNeet, until one day, He got an E-mail from unknown sender, and contains a program which is revealed to be an AI named Ene. One day, Ene was teasing Shintarou, until his keyboard broke and finally forcing him to go out to buy the new keyboard after 2 years hikki-ing in his home. What will happen to Shintarou?

Spoiler Alert!
Actually this manga was adapted from Hatsune Miku's song, Kagerou Project, which is made by Jin
Since, I want to give a review about the first chapter, make sure you read it first ( hell yeah, mangafox has this manga if you want to read it online)
And so, first thing first, Shintarou is very lazy person, really lazy, almost make me want to hit him very hard, since he is hikki-ing for 2 years, and no person has force him to face the sociality and reality?
Let's skip this, and here comes Ene! Ene is one of the heroine is this manga, she has this.... cool and tsundere trait which makes her special here.
And there's the plot, which I gave 3,5 points of 5.

How About the art? well, IMO, the art you found here is a regular one, nothing special here. However, the author place the blocks well, making us easier to read the manga, good point from here.

And there's the first review of manga, hope this review helps you in any ways

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