18 Sept 2012

How to make simple Anime Wallpaper

Let me share how to make simple Anime wallpaper like this.
Tools : Photoshop

1. First things first, all you have to do is to download the render pack which you can found here. Well you can say, render pack is picture without background, so feel free to use it. Then, open Adobe Photoshop, open new texture (feel free to use whatever texture you want) and it should be like this:

2. Open the render pack you've downloaded before, pick one suits your taste then. I choose the pink-haired one, and it goes like this:
3. Then, drag the render pack into the texture we've opened before :
4. On the layer window, right-click->duplicate layer, on the duplicated layer "Background Copy 2", drag the duplicated layer a bit, and on the blending option, click Soft light. Clear it up using Eraser tool the part that maybe seems strange to you. And here goes the result :
That's the basic of this wallpaper. You may add some effects of coloring and even text.
My coloring step :
Layer->New adjustment layer->Set the color balance into 49, -38, 21
Layer->New adjustment layer->hue/saturation, set into ->5,22,8
The coloring is optional, it's up to you.

Actually I've posted this tutorial in some forums, but since it uses Bahasa, so I translated it again to English.
Feel free to ask and give some comments. :) 

Credit :
Render pack by http://mayday69.deviantart.com/
Texture by mockingbirds99

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