2 Sept 2012

Haiyore, Nyaruko-san!

Total of episode: 12
Studio: DLE
Original run: April-June 2012
Opening theme: “Taiyou Iwaku Moeyo Chaos-Kana Asumi"
Ending theme:  "Zutto Be With You-Kana Asumi"

Mahiro is an ordinary boy with ordinary life. One day, he met silver-haired girl who actually an alien from Nyarlathothep; Nyaruko for short. Nyaruko was saving Mahiro from evil aliens and directly fell in love with him. Mahiro's life never be the same as before with Nyaruko, Kuuko (red-haired girl that loves Nyaruko very much), and Hasuta (blonde-haired shota that wants to marry Mahiro) around him.
Story: the story is funny and made me laugh lot. 8/10
Animation: the animation is very good. 9/10
Music: I really love video of opening and ending theme. The opening theme is really cute song. 10/10
Artwork: main characters of this anime is so moe, female or male. Even, Mahiro's mother looks younger than her age because of the moe artwork. 10/10
Seiyuu: Nyaruko's voice is so cute, and other characters' voices is also good. 9/10

Overall: 9/10

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