29 Sept 2012

Black Rock Shooter

Total of episode: 8
Studio: Ordet
Original run: February-March 2012
Opening song: Black Rock Shooter-Hatsune Miku
Ending song: Bokura no Ashiato-supercell

Kuroi Mato is a tomboyish girl. She is want to befriend with Yomi Takanashi, new student at her school. Yomi is also want to befriend with Mato, but Yomi think that Mato is too close with Yuu, her bestfriend in basketball club. In the other side, there is Kagari, Yomi's neighbourhood who is very dependent with Yomi. Mato, Yomi, and other characters' problems are influenced because of another world where Black Rock Shooter fight the other heroines.

Story: the theme of this anime is friendship, which is quite mainstream, but it was served with different style. 9/10
Animation: the animation is quite good and the battle scene is very epic. 8/10
Music: the opening song is Black Rock Shooter, one of Supercell famous song,  with better quality of Hatsune Miku's sound. The ending song is Bokura to Ashiato, and it is very nice song both of melody and meaning. 10/10
Artwork: I very love the heroines' character design. They are so cool! The main characters is quite good too. 9/10
Seiyuu: This anime is full of popular seiyuus, like Kana Hanazawa, Miyuki Sawashiro, etc. 10/10
Overall: 9,5/10

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