5 Sept 2012

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012 Report

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012  was held in last weekend,  as my promise last week that I will make report of AFA ID 2012, this post is created.

When I got there at around 11 am, queue of ticket sales is so long and after wait for about 1.5 hours finally I get the ticket E+S.

Inside the situation is much more crowded than at outside, I immediately headed to main stage area but when I want to enter the area I cannot go in because "No Camera", I am very disappointed so I just can take turns with my friend to go in to watch Danny Choo and Aki Takanori (GSC President) share their experience in anime industry.

After watch Danny Choo for one hour, I go to Exhibition area.  There are so many people, very crowded, and difficult to walking around booth that available in Exhiition area. Big company in anime industry like Animax, Good Smile Company, and Bushiroad come to AFA ID and take their own booth.
Want to taste japanese food like dorayaki, takoyaki and others? Many booth sell japanese food, but again the problem is too many people gather around in there to buy it, so I feel lazy to buy it. This condition is same when I want to go to Moe Moe Kyun Cafe.

In the afternoon around  5 pm, many cosplayer gather in the open field in front of the E+S Area. At that time I can take photo cosplayer with relax and enjoy.
Here is some photos that I get during AFA ID 2012 day 1.

The result for AFA this year is the area that provided for AFA ID 2012 is too small does not match with number of visitors, and I feel a bit bored when in main stage. I hope if AFA ID 2013 will be held, the committee provide a bigger place, change concept of the show for main stage and they also can invite more big company in anime industry to join AFA ID and do better ticketing sales system.


Unknown said...

waaaa akhirnya ngeliat post yang ada cosplayer2 di luar hall-nyaa.. ehehehe.. rame banget ya, nggak tega rasanya minta foto ama cosplayer..

Adi Wirawan said...

take photo with cosplayer wardah, they are happy to do it.
When cosplayer gather on the open field in front of the E+S Area, the situation is not crowded like in the inside.