29 Sept 2012


Total of episode: 13
Studio: Satelight
Original run: April-July 2012
Opening song: "Kibou ni Tsuite-No Name"
Ending song: "Yume wa Nando mo Umarekawaru-No Name"

In the future, there is a rule that entertainment must be banned. Anyone who breaks the rule should be punished. However, AKB0048, the successor of AKB48, popular idol group (and the members is the successor of AKB48 too), is quietly giving entertainment to their fans. Beside singing and dancing, AKB0048 members also have weapon which is like mic with light saber, so they can defeat the government's robots which are attacking them during the show. Nagisa, Chieri, and two other friends have already seen AKB0048 performing while they were child, and they are really want to be the member of AKB0048. So, they decide to join the audition member.

Story: the story is quite good, but it is too many mechas for anime containing idol group. 7/10
Animation: mecha parts are quite good, but dancing parts are not really good. 7/10
Music: AKB48 songs are as good as usual. No Name, which is subunit of AKB48 and its sisters' members who role as voice actor in this anime, also sings very well song. 10/10
Artwork: the girls' chara designs are too girlish with love sign at their hair. The AKB48 members images are different from the original. 5/10
Overall: 7/10 Seiyuu: No Name is awesome as a voice actor. However, it must be better if the AKB48 members in this anime is using real voice of AKB48 members. 7/10

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