16 Aug 2012

XDCC, Another Method to Download Fansubbed Anime

Well, this is my first post as contributor in here, so cut me some slack if I am quite bad at this...

And so, This time, I want to tell you a bit about XDCC. What is XDCC?

well, there's actually some ways to download fansubbed-anime: there's torrent for you (obviously nyaa.eu for this one XD) , DDL Links , which are provided in some forums ( you can find it in the forum which I usually live in, Kaori Nusantara, in Mediafire Links :D), and XDCC, which I will tell you in here.

So, basically, XDCC is taking the files from the IRC Bots of fansubbers, the speed is quite similar with DDL with full speed, so this can be your alternative when the torrents is still full with the leecher and the DDL links can not be found.

The disadvantage is that the Bots may be down from time to time, however the chance is quite small, so I don't consider this as big problem though, and the files which are provided is limited to what the fansubber fansub, so do not expect to find old animes to be found there. And also, you will need some IRC programs to use this method, preferly MiRC or Chatzilla.

And so, how to do this XDCC thing?
I will throw a little tutorial here so make sure you pay attention to here.

For this time: I will take the newest XDCC available on doki, one of the fansubber, you can see the details from the picture below

Take a look where I highlight the words, XDCC, you can just click there :D ( this time I want to download the sixth episode of Dog Days' for myself lol)

The new page should show up, quite similarly like this one

Take a look again for what I highlight, there are 4 rows there, bots, pack, size, and file name
bots: it is the bot which you can take the file from
pack: this is actually the code, so that you can take the file specifically, will revealed much more later on
size: obviously, the file size
filename: yeah same here, here's the name of the file

and then, we go to the IRC programs, make sure you already found the rooms of the fansubbers, for this time #doki is it.

Then you will found there's some bots on the right, and for this time, because the bot is Doki|Homura, you will need to double click on there.
new page should show up like this

you will just need to type : xdcc send "the number of pack". the number of pack can be found on the pack rows in the XDCC page :D, and hell yeah, you will soon start downloading after confirming where to put the file, like that image.

This concludes both of my tutorial and my first post, may this information helps you!
Over And Out!


Animature said...

So this is a guide to download illegally....?

Reyvateilia said...

well, if you put it like that, it's more complicated than just being pure illegal.

However this post's purpose is not to tell you how to download illegally, no, it's not!
I made this post, to tell you, there are other method to download the files, not only the animes actually, you can download the other files, as long as the bots provide it :) (with some permissions of course )

Animature said...

Anime* not animes.

Well the whole thing about XDCC downloading video's (and other files) just gives the impression just like that of a torrent.

Not to bash on you since the way you explain things is rather easy to understand what to do and how to get it to work.

Reyvateilia said...

ah sorry for my bad grammar there

well, it is torrent-like, however the first thing that differentiate is that the server which we can get the files is that from a bot, which assures you to get full speed :D

well, thank you, and please, look forward for my other posts in the future :)

Bagong016 said...
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Bagong016 said...

what irc client you used? I use MIrc and can't found the #doki -__-