22 Aug 2012

What is Fansub?

And so, this time Let's discuss about fansub anime
Firstly, We must know first about fansub.

A: what is fansub?

B: Based On Wikipedia, fansub (Fan-subtitled) is a version of foreign film or foreign television program which are translated by fans and subtitled into other language, so that the other people, who are actually don't understand this foreign language, can understand the film because of the subtitle. The Subtitles are mostly English, since it is the most worldwide-known language in the world.

A: Is the subtitle free?

B: Yeah, all of the fansubs anime are FREE

A: Lol, very funny, do you think there are any person who want to do such a thing that not generating money for them, time-consuming and also tiring?

B: yeah, so be grateful that you can enjoy of what they done for ya, especially for free.

oh, so let me give another fansub which is not in English, powered by Google Image Search

A: Therefore, why do you make this post? I am sure there are something with just plain fansub anime here...

B: Yeah, actually here, I want to talk about the illegal issues about fansub. Well, you know, fansub is actually not from the producer of film ( yeah, it is fansub, not producer-sub ) so fansubs is basically do not have any license to produce the subs for the film. If we take serious consideration of the law, fansub could be seen as damaging the market, since it is freely distributed anywhere.

A: If that the case, why do the producer/company didn't take any serious issues about the fansub?

B: There are two actually two main reasons. The first one, is they are simply tolerating this fansub as "fan-activity" as long as the fansub are not too damaging to them, the second reason is that the company may find their investment in money and time for executing the prosecute is a waste.

and In the end, fansub is illegal anyways...

well, that's the information I can share you today, may this post helps you in any way
see ya later!

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Unknown said...

But still, sometime fansub-ing also can make us like "study" japanese (for japanese-english translator) so it's basically not meaningless at all~